Everybody wants a clean toilet seat….. !!!

Everybody wants a clean toilet seat but how much time do you take to think about the everyday items we use that have been scientifically proven to be dirtier than both the toilet seat and the water in the bowl! Have a look at the examples below and see if you were as shocked as [...]

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Would you believe it?

Following our post last week about how aloe vera can be used to remove grease from clothing we have now found that it can remove red wine stains - even from cream carpet! Does this product get any better?! To remove wine stains from carpets use a couple of pumps of Aloe Hand & Face [...]

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How to remove grease stains – the natural way!

Rather then use environmentally dangerous chemicals to remove grease stains why not try these methods: Aloe Vera Everyone knows how good aloe vera is for the skin, but most people don’t realise that you can use it to remove grease stains. All you need to do is soak the stained garment or material in water, [...]

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Scented Candles vs. Electric Substitutes

Aromas have become a vital part of modern houses.  While fragrances and their pleasant effects on the human mind have been known for ages, they have continuously evolved to suit all tastes. Aromatic oils are now readily available in various forms, from sprays, to scented sachets, to reed diffusers. Though these modern variations are widely [...]

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Did you know?

You can refresh your room using just some essential oils Yes, it's that simple - get an empty spray bottle, fill it half with water and a few drops of your favourite essential oil (be aware that they are highly concentrated. You have to check what ratio best matches your taste). Shake the mixture and [...]

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Baby Shampoo-No More Crying Eyes!

Keeping a baby healthy has a lot to do with the nutrients and also with the hygiene we maintain around the child. Hence it is highly important that we ensure that they are kept clean by giving them regular baths. While giving them a bath we must be careful with the kind of soap or [...]

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Baby Clothes-How to Choose the Best for Your Baby

Babies are adorable and cute and they are the pride and joy of every parent in this world. They always have to be cared for and they require our maximum attention. Treating them with kid's gloves would be an understatement as their nurturing is to be as gentle as possible. Giving them a bath, protecting [...]

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The best ways to clean wooden and vinyl floors

The best ways to clean wooden and vinyl floors will depend on the specific product. Any cleaning of wooden and vinyl floors will require specialist products and different cleaning processes. Flooring such as Amtico and Carndean recommend using their own products. Most other types of vinyl can be cleaned and sealed using cheaper generic products. These do [...]

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How to Keep Bed Spreads Fresh and Clean

Bed spreads are one of the important items of your bedding, but sometimes the forgotten one, which need to be kept fresh and clean. Even though they rarely look dirty, sweat and oil from your body make them loose their freshness. You need to care them properly to keep them clean and feel great for [...]

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Mixing Together Cleaning Detergents

When you think about cleaning, you should be very careful about safety. Mixing together cleaning detergents can be risky if you are not fully aware about the consequence of different combinations. Ammonia and bleach is a dangerous combination due to production of poisonous chloramines. Similarly there are several unsafe combinations of cleaning products. However, there are some [...]

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