You can refresh your room using just some essential oils

Yes, it’s that simple – get an empty spray bottle, fill it half with water and a few drops of your favourite essential oil (be aware that they are highly concentrated. You have to check what ratio best matches your taste). Shake the mixture and spray around the room. Lavender is especially good if you just want to chill out.

You can clean with only baking soda or salt

Instead of using expensive and often not very efficient commercial scrubbing powders, you can simply use baking soda. It will gently clean off the dirt and limescale residue. Make a thick paste with water and apply where necessary. Always use with caution.

You Can Easily Make Your Own All Purpose Cleaner

The commercial cleaning products you get in the shops are becoming so expensive. You have to start thinking more and more about cheaper solutions for keeping your home clean. Cleaner Team’s simple solution consists of just one litre of warm water and 3 table spoons of washing soda. Put them in a spray bottle, or just a jar, shake a few times and it’s ready to use. Apply where necessary and wash off with just clean water.

How Easy Is To Get Rid Of The Scum Ring Around Your Bath

Simply use some pure lemon juice. Scrub the dirty area well with a sponge, and rinse thoroughly with water. That should do the trick!

Removing Blood Stains Is Not Rocket Science

Yes, we mean it! How to treat blood stains. First you have to soak the stain immediately it happens with some salty water. Blot the water from the fabric/carpet and re-treat with cold water. Blot this as well and allow to dry.

Cleaning a chopping board with just a lemon

Simply slice one lemon in 4 pieces, rub it on the chopping board in all directions. Afterwards wash it off with hot water. That way you will not only get rid of any stong odours like onions or fish, but you will also disinfect the board.