Yes, we are. We have public and employer liability insurance of £10 million, and £250.000  against accidental damage to your property caused by our cleaner.

Our cleaning teams are covered by our public and employer liability as well as accidental damage insurance. This means that the whole process is fully insured.

Yes, of course. Our cleaners can start as early as 6am and work until 9pm in the evenings, including weekends, at no extra cost.

Yes, for as long as you are happy with the cleaner, the same person will do your cleaning each time – weekly, fortnightly or monthly. We will not change your cleaner without notifying you and asking your permission to do so.

It is completely up to you – you can either be at your property each time when the cleaner comes or provide them with a spare set of keys, so they can let themselves in and secure the door on their way out.

There is no contract with us. You can terminate the service at any time, but we will require 2 weeks notice, so we can arrange alternative work for the cleaner.

No, you only pay per hour with us – there are NO additional or hidden charges.

Great news – we now have various payment methods to best suit your needs, ranging from online bank transfer, payment over the phone, directly via our web site, Barclays pingit, you could set up a weekly/fortnightly standing order with your bank, or cash. Payments are usually collected at the end of each month, however, you can also pay on the day of our visit.

All our cleaners are recommended to us by other members of our team, helping to ensure that they will continue to deliver the high standards set by our company. We interview them, before getting them to sign a contract. We demand the following documents from every cleaner: Copy of Passport/ID card; Proof of address; NI Number/UTR; References from previous employers.

Before being allowed to work on their own new members of staff are mentored by an experienced cleaner to benchmark the quality service we expect for our clients. They also have to study and sign our Good Cleaner’s Guide, to ensure your home is in safe hands!

All new members of Cleaner Team complete a questionnaire we have developed which helps us understands any areas in which we can support the new member in beccoming a valued part of our team. This questionnaire also allows us to decide if we want that person. We will not use people that we do not feel comfortable with!

If your cleaner is sick or goes on holiday, we will organise a replacement cleaner for the period your regular cleaner is away. Alternatively we will suspend the service until your regular cleaner is back if that is your wish.

If you are in any way dissatisfied with your cleaner we will do everything to rectify the situation. However, if you are still unhappy we will replace the cleaner immediately. At the end of the day it is your home and you must feel comfortable and confident that the person working in it is doing the job you require.

You will need to ensure that you have all the necessary cleaning supplies ready for the cleaner for when they arrive. We find our customers prefer to use their own products and equipment, which is also more hygienic. We can provide our own cleaning products (except hoover and mop), but at an extra cost. The decision is totally yours.