Find a Cleaner

How to find a good cleaner and is it really so difficult?

London is crowded with cleaning agencies who offer various cleaning services, and with cleaners who carry out private work, but have no insurance. There is such a large choice when it comes to finding a domestic cleaner or ironer, office cleaner or carpet cleaner in London. Most cleaning companies are charging similar prices. Some are dearer, some are cheaper. The BIG question is how to choose the right cleaning company for you. We have already written an article for you outlining the Pros and Cons when hiring private cleaners or cleaning agencies. In this article we have suggested a checklist of  the important points to discuss with each cleaning agency or company you approach, in order to ensure you use the right one for you and your circumstances.

  1. Before you decide to get in touch with any cleaning company we recommend you to make a list of all the points you wish to discuss concerning the service you want.
  2. Don’t look for the cheapest company on the market – you know the saying: ‘You get what you pay for’ and it is often true! If a professional cleaning agency offers prices that are low in comparison with other companies, they are probably either small, and may not have the necessary expertise you require. They may also have hidden charges, poor insurance, or may be paying the staff less than the minimum wage.
  3. Check if the company already have positive ratings – a good independent web site you could use is You can check any listed cleaning company there to see if other people have used their services and have submitted positive comments about their work. Make sure to enter “London” when you search, so you access the companies offering their service in your area.
  4. Now, what questions should you ask before hiring a cleaner?

Is the cleaning company insured?

Are the cleaners legally working in the UK? If the cleaners are not EU citizens, you need to find out if they hold a valid working visa.

Is the cleaning agency VAT registered? This is a good indication that the company are of a decent size.

If you book a regular domestic or office cleaning service can the cleaning company invoice you?

Are there additional agency fees on top of the proposed hourly rate? Always ask this question.

Do I need to sign a long term contract?  Some cleaning companies ask for a minimum commitment of 3, 6 months, etc. The best option is to go with an agency that requires you to sign no long term contracts and to ask a minimum amount of time for cancellation the service.

Do I get a replacement if my regular cleaner is on holiday or sick, or if you would a different cleaner? This flexibility is very important.

Do I need to supply the cleaning products and materials? You don’t have to but there is an additional charge if the cleaner assigned to you needs to bring their own equipment. The choice is entirely yours.