The Benefits of Using a Professional Cleaning Company Instead of Private Cleaners

Every busy household needs the help of a regular cleaner. However, instead of hiring them privately it is always beneficial to hire a professional London cleaning service. By hiring cleaning help from an established company such as Cleaner Team, you are automatically assured of certain vital information such as vetting, insurance, office support and guaranteed standard of work. The recommended cleaners that come from a company such as ours are trustworthy, screened, trained to do all types of cleaning work and are dependable. Once you hire a cleaner from a company like us, you can enjoy peace of mind. This is especially important when entrusting your keys – and posssibly your alarm code – to someone working in your home whilst you are not there.

What are the benefits of using a professional cleaning company, as opposed to private cleaners?

Securing a Replacement Cleaner, when required

What do you do if the cleaner you have employed falls ill, goes on holiday, is not very good, or is unreliable? Do you search the postcards in newsagents, look at the small ads, or do you go to a professional London cleaning company? I think we all know the best answer! By using a company such as Cleaner Team you get trained, dependable staff, with back up when and where necesarry so you are never put at risk by hiring people you have no real knowledge of, or who turned out to be not very good. Why run the risk?

Insured and Bonded Cleaner

It is important that all cleaners from a reputable cleaning agency should carry liability insurance. This is the first thing you should ask when looking at hiring a cleaning company. Failure to do so can put your valuable possessions at risk.

Proper Invoicing System

A well established London cleaning company such as Cleaner Team will invoice you at the end of each month and offer several ways to make payment.

Customer Service and Care

Using a professional London cleaning company will help to develop the relationship between you and your cleaner; something that we at Cleaner Team  feel is vitally important. Having helpful, knowledgable office staff is also important, as they should be able to answer any queries or resolve any issues for their clients. So, you can rest assured that you are in good hands and with people who really care.