Carpet Cleaning London

Carpet Cleaning London

Carpet cleaning London is cost effective, helping to prolong the life and appearance of your carpets.

Our deep steam clean and hot water extraction process leaves your carpets clean, fresh and odour free; and dry after only two hours. Whether it’s one room or the whole house, clean carpets really make a difference!

If you’re looking for a carpet cleaning London service that gives you the very best results with fast drying times, whilst combining safety and security for your home, then you need look no further. We use state of the art cleaning equipment, with cutting edge chemicals that are not just designed to do a job, but are also safe to use in your home and are environmentally friendly.

Our friendly approach to service leaves you feeling relaxed in the knowledge that your work is being carried out by true professionals.

Don’t keep looking at that stain – call Cleaner Team!

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The carpet beetle is a major textile pest of the home. Central heating provides a warm setting, which allied with fitted carpets, provides a perfect habitat for uninterrupted breeding. The carpet beetle is 2 to 4mm long and is dark brown or black, mottled with patches of white or yellow scales and resembles a ladybird. The adult beetle lives from 20-60 days. The larvae require food of animal origin. They can cause considerable damage to carpets, clothes, wool, leather, silk etc. Their skin cells can also cause problems to those people with bronchial problems such as asthma. Regular carpet cleaning ensures the removal of these cells and a healthier, safer environment for all the family.