Air fresheners are consumer products that emit fragrance in the house. They help in providing a soothing smell, which is not only pleasing but also helps in creating a positive environment in the home. They are commonly used in houses and offices. The primary reason of using Air Freshener is to get that pleasant smell which overpowers the bad smell, if any, and gets you into the right mood. Air freshener can be commonly known as room freshener as it helps in enhancing the environment of the room by making it smell better.

Air Fresheners at home improve the overall ambience of the place by making the place smell more amiable. There are a lot of brands of air fresheners and varieties of it. The overall environment becomes welcoming and helps in getting rid of the odours, which are trapped inside the carpet or fabrics. There are various types of room fresheners. Some of the types are:

  • Sprays – These are the most common one that is probably now in most of the households. The right way to neutralise the odours and to sanitise the room is to spray it.
  • Plug-Ins – It involves plugging the fragrances into the electric socket and timely, it keeps on sending out the fragrant scents.
  • Gel – it is jelly like substance that contains a certain scent. It finishes off very fast. In home, it is not much recommended to use gel but spray.
  • Potpourri – In the traditional times, people have always used dried fragrant materials to enhance the smell of the households. However, even now some people use this as a safety towards environment and health.
  • Scented Candles – Scented Candles are not much seen. However, it works like when you light up the candle and the wax of the candle has the fragrance and it slowly keeps releasing as the wax gets burnt. It acts a good room freshener though.

There are a lot of factors when you are planning to buy a room freshener. Some of the factors comprise of cost and longevity.

In this brand conscious world, to buy air freshener, we need to compare different brands so that you can choose the best suitable for you. Some of the famous brands are:

  • Febreze – It is a very good spray air freshener and helps in setting a nice aroma in the home.
  • Beep -This is also a spray freshener. However, It comes in small size and is costly.
  • Air Vvok – This air freshener has a lot of varieties and helps in enhancing the room’s ambience.

Out of the above three, Febrezze or Air Vvok can be chosen and used as beep is small in size and will finish quite fast. Storing an air freshener might be a tough task for a few. One should store it in cool place and away from kids and pets.