Babies are adorable and cute and they are the pride and joy of every parent in this world. They always have to be cared for and they require our maximum attention. Treating them with kid’s gloves would be an understatement as their nurturing is to be as gentle as possible. Giving them a bath, protecting them from the weather and ensuring that they do not fall sick, these are some of the things that all parents have to worry about. When it comes to protecting them from the weather, clothing plays a major role. Apart from protecting their body and their skin, clothes for children need to make them look good as well. With so many pictures of children being taken every single day, in order to keep them as memories for the future, it is always good to dress them such that they look cute and adorable at any given time of the day.

Kids need different types of clothes at different times of the day and here are some of them:

  • While playing: Most of the baby’s day is either spent playing or sleeping. Thus clothes that help the child to move around freely without it being too tight at the joints is something that needs to kept in mind while shopping for them. Jammies otherwise known as baby pyjamas will definitely help the baby play with ease.
  • While Sleeping: One piece outfits are usually best suited for when kids go to sleep. It must be types that are easier to put on and remove. There are ones which look like a combination of a pyjama and a T-shirt, they have buttons or a zip at the back which is opened to slip the baby into the cloth.
  • While sleeping at night: Nights tend to be a bit colder and hence the type of clothing used (especially if you live in a colder place) must keep the baby warm. Wearable blankets are a good option for such scenarios. They are fleece or cotton sacks that can be zipped over the child which will keep them warm.
  • While going out (when its warm): If you live in a place that is warm then going out must be a bit cumbersome for the baby. Choose colours that are very light as they will not get warm very easily and moreover choose clothes made out of cotton as they help to keep the clothing light and they help the child’s skin to breathe. T-shits and pants without buttons are ideal for this sort of clothing.
  • While going out (when it is cold): Going out in the cold weather is ok for a child as long as they are properly covered. One piece fleece suits that are hooded can be a proper fit for such outings.  One must forget socks and booties (tiny boots for kids) to keep their feet warm.

While buying clothes for babies do keep a few things in mind. Most babies do not like clothes being pulled over their head so buy clothes that have buttons or a zip which enables the clothes to be wrapped around the child. Buy clothes that are made out of gentle materials which will not cause rashes, cotton being the most obvious material. Also, it is very essential to keep the clothes clean to ensure overall wellness.