As parents we always strive to give our babies the very best regardless of what category of item one considers such as – Food, Clothes and Toys. Still you would have come across babies who seem cranky all the time even though they seem to be surrounded by all measures of comfort and their favourite toys. More often the reason for this can be attributed to your baby getting rashes or allergies due to uncomfortable or bacterially infected clothes. At such a point you must start looking for a high grade washing powder in conjunction with a baby clothes softener that can give your baby the comfort he deserves while keeping them away from infections and skin irritations.

There are many benefit of using a high grade baby friendly washing powder and clothes softener such as:

Benefits of using a high grade cleaner and fabric softener for babies

  • Safety: As stated earlier your upmost priority should be to protect your baby from all sorts of infections because his immune system is not strong enough to fend them off comfortably. Having said that most infections enter the babies’ system through things that they have physical contact with and their clothes are an imperative part of this list. Hence ensuring that the clothes are clean and infection free and soft for the babies’ skin is critical for their safety.
  • Avoid lifelong allergies: Most of us are born allergic to certain food items as well as other artefacts in the environment such as pollen, dust etc. Little do we know that we can also get acquired allergies at a very young age and hence maintain hygiene when it comes to your babies’ clothes is absolutely essential.
  • Happy Baby: A comfortable baby is a happy baby and the clothes he is wearing are a critical part of his comfort index. You would be amazed to see how much of a difference can clean and soft clothing make to your child’s playful demeanour.

How to choose the right washing powder and fabric softener

Now that we have understood the importance of baby clothes when it comes to their well-being and comfort the next step obviously is to find the right product for your baby. While there is no checklist for this task due to huge variety of products, there certainly are some guidelines that you should follow:

  1. Experiment within boundaries – Do not choose inferior quality products and rely on known brands that are also recommended by your paediatrician.
  2. Take Neutral smelling products – Babies are very sensitive to strong smells and they can develop a variety of allergies if you subject them to cleaning and softening agents that have string scents.


Buying a good quality cleaning or washing powder and a fabric softener can go a long way in keeping your baby relaxed and comfortable. Typically babies suffer from rashes and skin bacterial infections and infected or rough clothes are the culprit for such problems.