Keeping a baby healthy has a lot to do with the nutrients and also with the hygiene we maintain around the child. Hence it is highly important that we ensure that they are kept clean by giving them regular baths. While giving them a bath we must be careful with the kind of soap or shampoo that we use as the chemicals present in them could harm the child’s skin. Soaps tend to be milder than baby shampoos and hence it is important that we search for a shampoo that is extremely mild and something that wont hurt the eyes of the child. While trying to wash the hair, the part of the body that is most vulnerable is the eyes. Hence the product must be so mild that apart from not hurting the child’s skin they must be gentle on the eyes too.

Parents might wonder why a baby might need shampooing, as they are indoors the whole day and they do not really get dirty. There are however, certain parts of the body where the baby gets dirty and some of them are the chin ( as the constant drooling leaves that area in need of attention), the knees and elbows as they tend to collect a lot of dirt while they crawl and their bum as it needs a lot of attention after a poop. Thus these areas of the body require regular attention and the entire body needs a bath once in every two days if you are afraid that the child might catch a cold.

Choosing a good baby shampoo involves taking many factors into consideration, here are a few of them:

  • Bubble baths: Avoid bubble baths that have Sodium Lauryl Suplphate as this substance is known to cause urinary tract infections in kids. Sodium Laureth Sulphate which is like the cousin of the above chemical is also known to be harsh on the skin and shampoos containing is a must avoid.
  • Fruit Fragrance: Getting products that smell like fruit might be a bit problematic if your child confuses it for something that is real and starts to eat it. Babies do not know to differentiate between real and chemical smells, hence parents must be careful while using such products.
  • Organic Shampoos: These products can usually be trusted as they are pretty mild but do not let the tag organic fool you. Parents must do a general research on the shampoo as regardless of them being organic they could still contain certain chemicals that could be harmful for the child.
  • Shampoos with Oil: They contain coconut oil, olive oil or different types of natural oils and this helps moisturise the skin of the child. On the other hand, this could be a gimmick to get people to buy the product, thus once again we must check for the chemicals being used before deciding to buy the product.

Thus there are many factors that play a role in choosing the right shampoo and the most important thing to do is to change the shampoo as soon as we spot that it is causing skin problems for the child.