Plastic bottles are incredibly harmful to the environment, and as time progresses they are cluttering the streets more and more. With a little creativity however, there are plenty of benefits to be gained from using this clutter, and Cleaner Team London wants to share some of these uses with you in order to help clean up your environment.

1. Store Water In Case of Emergency

The first benefit that can be derived from re-using old plastic bottles is in the storing of fresh water in case of an emergency. Were an emergency to happen, there’s a good chance that pipes will rupture, leaving you and your family without fresh water for the extent of the emergency. Rather than going without fresh water in the case of an emergency, keeping water in old plastic bottles not only saves your environment, but gives you and your family the fresh water you need in the case of a disaster.

2. Free Weights For Fitness Training

The second use for old plastic bottles is to aid in your fitness. Dumbbells can be pretty expensive, and instead of spending money on your fitness equipment, filling old plastic bottles with sand or gravel can easily turn them from debris into a handy free weight to train with.

3. Creative Vase

Turning old plastic bottles into a creative vase for flowers is the third use for trash. It will take a little bit of imagination, but turning old bottles into a vase can be a great way to pass the time and entertain your kid.

4. Flower Pot

The fourth use for your old plastic bottles is to turn them into a decorative flower pot. Once again, this can take a little bit of creativity on your part, but serves as a great way to entertain your kid for a couple of hours. Not only are you entertaining your children, but you are turning debris that was once trash into a decorative sculpture that can be used to beautify your house.

5. Using Them As a Funnel

With a little washing, your old plastic bottles can easily be used as a funnel in your kitchen, or outside. By simply cutting the neck and a bit of bottle off, your plastic bottle is now a useful funnel!

6. Use Them As a Shaker

Shakers have a few different uses, from being simple noisemakers to scaring away birds and wildlife from your house. By filling the old plastic bottles with smaller rocks or beads, they can easily be turned into a noisemaker.

7. Entertainment For Your Kid

Each and every one of these ideas are entertaining enough as it is, but the plastic bottles themselves can be quite entertaining without making any changes. Bottles are perfect for gardening, or whatever other use your children may find for them.

Cleaner Team London hopes that this article on the many benefits of empty plastic bottles will have given you a few ideas of what to do with your old bottles. Rather than let them pile up, simply use a little creativity and you will find even more uses for your old bottles!