A clean and dust free carpet always give a feeling of comfort to every house owner. The cleaning process is time consuming and tiresome. For best results, you should have necessary equipment and solutions, and above all sufficient experience. Otherwise your whole effort will be a waste and will damage your beautiful expensive carpet. One of the common methods used by most of the house owners is vacuuming. However, this is not effective for long-used carpet and is unhealthy too. The best way is to utilise services of professional cleaners. But, what are the benefits of such professional service?

Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning:

  • Safety: A professional cleaner will have sufficient equipment and employ effective cleaning method and advanced technology. Their methods are safe without damaging the carpet or any of your household property. They work in group and hence in less time.
  • Reduce Allergies : The professional cleaners keep the carpets free from producing any allergies. Allergies are caused due to the accumulated dust particles in the carpet. In spite of your regular vacuuming, these dust particles will move to the surface of the carpet  and get amassed there causing allergies and all sorts of illnesses. Expert cleaners know how to get rid of these allergens.
  • Less Drying Time : With modern technology it takes only about couple of hours to dry a newly cleaned carpet.
  • Keep the Freshness : In the absence of moisture and humidity, the professional cleaning ensures the softness and freshness of the carpets.

Popular Methods of Carpet cleaning:

  • Dry extraction :  It  is one of the methods used by the professional companies in which  special cleaning detergents and solvents are used, which  will pull the dust particles and dirt fibres of the carpet and remove them completely using vacuum. It is best suitable for carpets with strong fibres of cotton or wool.
  • Steam cleaning :  It is one of the most recommended methods, which guarantees intense cleaning and long life to the carpet. An acetic solution is applied on the carpet and agitated using an automatic scouring machine. Using another pressurised tool, the carpet is rinsed thoroughly and converted into a brand new look

How to Hire a Professional Team?

Professional carpet cleaners are available in everywhere. The first source of information is your friends and relatives. Based on their experience, they can recommend a good cleaner they have already used. You can also get information from websites. You can get quotations from few of them for a comparison. Based on their offer, you can shortlist some top companies. You can discuss with them, explain their requirements, and ensure that they know the work well. Finally, negotiate with them for a better price and finalise the deal once you are completely satisfied.


Carpet cleaning is one of the most important aspects you should not neglect for ensuring a clean and healthy home.  Always depend on professional carpet cleaners. Do not think that you are wasting your money by spending it on your carpets, but realise that it is a great investment in terms of health and hygiene which will give you more returns in future.