Candles are very common household items and can be found in each and every house. Burning candles to light up your room when you are out of electricity or you want to light up the room for that romantic set up or candle night dinner, it is quite an easy task. However what do you do when the candle wax drips or spills on your table cloth or carpets? Well, removing them from hard surfaces is quite easy as you can wait till it cools and remove it or scrape it out using a knife. But cleaning candle wax from fabrics requires different methods.

When wax spills takes place, you need to wait for it to cool down or solidify as removing it in the solid form is much easier than in the liquid form. When it is hot and in the liquid state, avoid rubbing the wax so that it does not get deeper into the fabric and more difficult to remove. If you want you can use ice cubes on the wax spill so that it cools down and solidify. You can also use wart removal spray on it and solidify it immediately. Using a butter knife or a blunt one, you can scrape out the solid wax from the fabric as gently as you can so as not to damage the fabric or the microfibres.

If you have a white candle wax then you do not have much to worry as scraping it completely and then washing it as you normally do in a washing detergent will clean the fabric. However if you find that scraping is not helping you to remove the candle wax residue, then you can use a different method. In this method, place a clean cloth below the fabric where the candle wax is stuck and two paper towels on top of it or else you can also use blotting paper as they are more absorbent than paper towels. Now iron out the surface and melt the candle wax letting the paper towel or blotting paper to absorb the candle wax.

Unfortunately if you spill coloured candle wax, then you will also have to deal with the wax stain. Clean the candle wax from the fabric using the same method but after that soak it in water mixed with oxygen based cleaning detergent or stain remover so that the oil and colour of the wax residue could be removed from the fabric. Now take out and clean it or wash the fabric as you would normally do or put it in the washing machine for washing. You will see that the stain and the wax are all cleaned up. You can also use of some alcohol mixed with water to clean the coloured stain left by the candle wax. Use a sponge or a cleaning cloth and dab some of the mixture and rub it on the stain. After sometime wash the fabric, you will get rid of the stain. Now you can clean candle wax from fabrics easily.