You open and close the kitchen cabinets regularly. While working in your kitchens most of the times the food smudges and fingerprints are imprinted on the cabinets. The regular kitchen use also builds up grease making your kitchen cabinets look dull and dingy. If you wait for long to remove them, the task of kitchen cupboards cleaning becomes much harder and then you only have one alternative-to call professional cleaning help. For complete cleaning process you will require dish soap, cleaning cloths, all-purpose cleaner or vacuum cleaner (optional) and commercial cabinet cleaner.

Cleaning the Kitchen Cabinet Exterior-Regular and Heavy Duty

If you clean your kitchen cabinets regularly, you can use the regular method for cleaning the fronts of the kitchen cabinets. Most of the cabinets are made of painted wood, plastic laminate, metal or vinyl. You can clean the cupboard fronts using warm water and dish soap liquid. With this simple yet mild solution, you can easily remove dust, food smudges and the mild grease. Dry off after completing the cleaning with another cloth.

In case your kitchen cupboards have not been cleaned for a long time, have heavy-duty smudges, and grease you should call professional cleaning company in London, like Cleaner Team. However, if you wish to do it yourself, you need to use commercial cabinet cleaner for kitchen cupboards cleaning. The best cleaners are the ones with orange oil as they effectively remove the grease and grime build in the cupboards. It is important to test the cleaner on a hidden spot and use it according to the instructions for getting the best results.

Interior Cleaning of the Cupboards

For complete interior cleaning first, empty the topmost cabinet. If possible, you should remove the shelf lining.  Now, use mild detergent and warm water to wash off the interior of the cabinets. In case the interior cabinets have too much residue and crumbs, using vacuum cleaner is a good idea. Before using the vacuum cleaner, you should wipe down the cabinet. Once you have completed using the vacuum cleaner clean it again using damp cloth. Later on, dry it using an additional cleaning cloth. If the crumbs are not removed even after, using a vacuum cleaner, or you do not have the time to do it yourself, call professional cleaning agency.

Cabinet Content Cleaning

The dusty containers and the cans should be wiped down on a dampened cloth using dish soap and warm water. Throw away the expired items, keep the cabinet doors open for one to two hours and let them dry completely. Once the cabinet contents and the cabinet interior are completely dry, you can put the content inside and close the doors.

If after repeated efforts of cleaning cabinets, you cannot remove the grease or smudge, it is advisable to take professional cleaning help.