Toilet is one of the areas in your house where lime scale deposits are found, but this part usually remains overlooked. Lime scale deposit is a common problem in all homes that have hard water supply. Toilet, with constant water circulation, is more prone to lime scale build up. However, it is a good thing that, even though some effort is required, you can remove the lime scale by using the following cleaning methods.

Instruction for Descaling the Toilet

  • Flush the toilet repeatedly and lower the water level. Using a cup, remove the excess water from the bowl.
  • Place paper towels saturated with white vinegar over all the areas of the bowl stained with lime scale.
  • You can also pour white vinegar, put the toilet lid down, and leave it overnight.
  • Check one paper towel to see that the lime scales are loosened. Remove the paper towels and scrub the lime scale stains with them. If the results are not satisfactory, put new paper towels saturated with vinegar, add 2 cups of vinegar to the toilet and keep it overnight.
  • You can also scrub the toilet with a new brush to remove remaining lime scale residues.
  • Turn on the water to the toilet. Scrub the bowl again using brush. Flush it twice and rinse it.
  • If the lime scale persists, it is suggested to scrub the toilet using borax. Similar to vinegar, it should be kept in the toilet overnight, before scrubbing and flushing.
  • Never mix vinegar with bleach because it will result in toxic gases.

Useful Tips

  • Why Vinegar:  Vinegar is good for descaling because it contains acetic acid that softens up the lime scale deposits. If acetic acid is to be used separately, it has to be mixed up with water to dilute it, which may result in damage to the porcelain. With vinegar, there is no such danger and it is also less expensive.
  • Commercial Cleaners:  Several commercial cleaners are available in market, which contains chemicals that are harmful to the environment. By simply following the manufacturer’s instructions, they will clean your toilets and keep them free from lime scale deposits.
  • Sand Paper: Another way to handle lime scale problem is to use sand paper or pumice. Sand paper should be suitable for wet/dry type application. While using pumice stones or sticks, make sure to use those which can remove the stains with a lightest touch, or else you may damage your toilet bowl.
  • Clean Regularly: If you clean your toilet regularly, you need not be concerned about the lime scale deposits. Regular cleaning does not require in-depth cleaning. You can clean your toilet by pouring ¼ cup of vinegar every night, keep it overnight and flush it in the morning and can experience a clean toilet. Detailed cleaning can be carried out at least once in a week.
  • Filtration: Instead of doing all efforts to clean the lime scale deposits, it is recommended to do necessary steps to prevent the lime scale deposit. If you are living in an area, where only hard water is available, it is better to install water filter and prevent the causes of lime scale deposits. By doing so, you can save a lot of time, effort as well as money.