Window blinds cleaning can be easier than you think!  Whether you have wooden, plastic, or metal venetians, covered vertical, or roman blinds… there are simple solutions!

Ventilation or horizontal slatted blinds can be cleaned easily with items you have in your house.  Now, it is always a good idea to have a duster designed for blinds to keep the dust down.  Light and sometimes deeply cleaning blinds to reduce the build-up will still be required now and then to keep them looking great.


To dust blinds you have few options to maintain your clean window blinds. It’s a 5 minute job that extends the clean-look of your blinds

  • First, close your blinds so they make a smooth surface, layered down.
  • Dust with a brush vacuum attachment, dryer sheet, dry glove, static wand or a very lightly dampened cotton sock by lightly going over the entire surface on both sides of the blind.

Regular Cleaning

This method for blind cleaning is safe for use on blinds made of wood, plastic and metal. It is important that you check and see if your blinds came with any special cleaning instructions.

  • Mix together a solution of 50% white vinegar and 50% warm water
  • Grab a clean old cotton sock (we all have plenty that somehow lost their mate in the dryer, put your hand inside, like a mitten.  A soft cotton glove also works, if you have one.
  • Dip the tips of your socked hand into vinegar mixture.
  • Run your hand along the length of each slat one by one, rinsing the sock intermittently to be sure it is clean when you work.
  • Stand back and admire your work.


  • Use only a damp and not wet sock, it will clean better and evaporate quickly.
  • For stubborn marks like crayon or marker, you can try a Magic Eraser or window cleaner on metal or plastic blinds, and an artist’s white eraser on wooden or fabric.

Deep Cleaning Blinds

Most blinds, except wooden and fabric covered ones, can be deep cleaned in the bath tub.  A good soaking does us all good!

  • Lower and shut blinds
  • Half fill bath tub with warm water and ¼ cup dish washing detergent
  • Remove blind from brackets
  • Lay blind in bathtub, you may need to allow it to fold a bit to fit
  • Soak blinds for about a half an hour, more is ok if you wish – even overnight for very soiled blinds
  • Let water out of bath tub and rinse the blinds in the tub with either buckets of clean water or the shower head.  Be sure all soap is rinsed away.
  • Hang over shower rail, side of tub or on your clothesline to dry.  You may choose to speed up the drying with soft towels or a blow dryer.
  • Hang your blinds and revel in your success, with so little elbow grease!

Cleaning Fabric Covered Vertical Blinds

Cleaning Blinds with a cloth covering can be worrisome, depending on the way the fabric is attached and how sensitive it is to cleaning agents.  While very durable ones can be un-clipped and cleaned in warm soapy water in the bath tub, this solution may be only for the most confident of us.  Be sure to spot test any cleaning solution in a small area before attempting to clean.

  • Before any wet blind cleaning happens, we must start with dusting. Using your vacuum and its brush wand, go over every surface of your blinds.
  • Cleaning blinds that hang vertically does have an advantage in that they do come off their rails.  So unclip them, one at a time to work on them.
  • Use a gentle cleaning agent and a soft cloth with a mild soapy mixture using dish soap or a mixture of baking soda and vinegar.  Be sure not to use too much liquid and go over all surfaces of the panel front and back.
  • Lightly towel dry and hang the panel back on the rail to finish drying.