Believe it or not, cleaning up around the house actually burns a good bit of calories. Of course, the job you’re performing determines how much weight you lose while cleaning, but every moment not sitting down is a calorie burning moment. Cleaner Team London is excited to help you to fully appreciate the weight loss benefits of cleaning at home.

Some household tasks burn more calories than others, such as those that involve lifting, bending and scrubbing. There are ways to increase the calories burned while cleaning the house such as increasing the tempo at which you move, and intentionally bending further than absolutely necessary, but these ways of burning extra calories aren’t absolutely necessary. Even washing the dishes adds helps you to lose weight when cleaning the house, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t feel like you aren’t moving a whole lot.

Fitness at Home – Tips To Burn More Calories

One of the biggest tips to improve the weight loss benefits of cleaning at home is to listen to an upbeat song while cleaning. If you are listening to a song you enjoy while you’re reaping the benefits of cleaning at home, you tend to move around quite a bit more than you normally would if you were working in silence. The song doesn’t necessarily have to be upbeat, but common sense would point to the fact that a more upbeat song would cause you to move faster than a slower song. As long as you enjoy the song though, you will end up cleaning for a longer period than you would if you were working in silence, leading to more time on your feet and more calories burned.

Another tip to increase the calories you burn while cleaning is to wear weights of some sort. There are ways to make a makeshift weight jacket if you do not already own one, such as filling the pockets of a jacket with coins from around the house. You don’t necessarily have to be wearing incredibly heavy weights while you’re cleaning, since every little bit of extra weight that you’re carrying leads to extra calories that are burned.

For example, a 150 pound person performing general housework for an hour burns an average of 210 calories. A pound of weight is equal to 3500 calories, so if you were to perform an hour of housework a day, than every 17 days you would burn off a pound of fat. That’s an average of 21.5 pounds of fat lost a year! Plus, your house would be spotless by the end of the year, and who wouldn’t want that?