If you are one of those few who have piles of old sheets lying in the cupboard and do not want to part with them or give them away due to some reason, then here are some tips to make the best use of them. First, for whatever reason you might use them it is important that they should be clean and hence before using them you should wash and dry them properly.

Here are few useful tips:

Picnic Cover

If you are going for a picnic with your friends then you would surely need some sheets with you so that you can use them for sitting on the floor or the garden grass as the base may not be very clean. You can use the old sheets for this purpose. Since these are not your regular sheets, you do not have to worry about them getting dirty or stained. You can use them again and again till they are really worn out for this purpose.

As Cleaning Cloths

The fabric of the old sheets becomes thin due to overuse which makes it is easier for you to tear them apart in small pieces for cleaning. You can use these pieces as cleaning cloths for cleaning your kitchen cabinets, furniture, windows and even as a duster. Cleaner Team London always tries to save you some money and works hard to find creative ways to do so – you will put in much better order your wardrobe and by using your old sheets you will have cleaning cloths for each cleaning purpose in the house, and usually the old sheet cleaning cloth is much better than the commercial product at the shop.

Use it to Create Tent for Kids

Kids need constant action when their schools are having holidays. One way of keeping them engaged is to make a creative tent for them in your backyard or garden area where they can arrange their toys and books and play according to their wish. Instead of buying, any fancy cloth you can use the old sheet to make a tent for the kids. You can make use of two sheets of different colors or patterns to make the tent look more colorful and attractive enough for the kids to use it.

Free Sink Blocker

You can cut the old sheets into pieces of required sizes and use them as free sink blockers. However, should be good at doing it to make it work.

Use it for Patching

Old worn out sheets are good for patching the inner sides of the pants pockets. Since many people have the habit of keeping knives, coins and other pointed things in their pockets, they often are torn from inside. Using double-based pieces of old sheet for patching up is a great idea.

Apart from this, Cleaner Team London can give you more ideas such as using them as ribbons for veggies and more.