Among all other household activities, household cleaning is the most difficult and challenging one. You need full concentration because it involves a task of perfection.  If you are going to start this job all of a sudden, without any planning, you will fall into trouble. Such is the situation around you, with dusty walls and windows, dirty fan leaves, stained kitchen stands, and a mess of garbage everywhere. You will feel that something has gone wrong somewhere. To make it tolerable and make household cleaning an interesting routine, there are several points to keep in mind.

Tips for Healthy Household Cleaning

  • Planning : It is always better to keep a list of all cleaning activities to be done. By visiting every room of your home, write down all activities to be done everywhere, in detail. Once the task list is completed, assign the time for each activity, whether it is to be done daily, weekly, or monthly. Now, you will have a clear idea about the time as well as effort required for cleaning your home.
  • Cleaning Tools : Once the activities are defined, it is time to arrange all tools and equipment required for cleaning. List out the tools list including broom, scrubbers, vacuum cleaners, sponges, polishers, and all necessary items. Ensure that all the tools are available, or else purchase them.
  • Start the Cleaning Habit : Start cleaning. Get into action and do it every day.  Make it a habit, the way you take bath and take food.  Avoid any mess of dirty things. Do it right away and daily and feel the comfort of  nice carpets, clean fans, new looking tables and cup-boards. Do it with a smile.
  • Share Responsibility : Every member of your family is responsible for keeping your house clean. Assign the task of some regular activities to particular person. Train the children and  make them conscious in organising their things neatly so that it will become natural to them.
  • Daily Verification : In spite of your regular work schedule, find enough time to have a quick look to ensure that everything is in its own place. Keep a watch on the carpets, beds, and cabinets for any possible dirt.
  • Natural Cleaners : It is always recommended to use natural cleaners because they are safe and cost effective. Chemical based cleaners available in market are very dangerous for health and they produce a hazardous environment. Natural cleaners like lemon, vinegar, baking soda, salt, etc.,  are very safe to use and also cheap. When used in specific combinations, they produce amazing results.
  • Watch Your Pets : You have pets means your house can become unclean at any time because pets are indiscreet animals and cannot think like human. Give specific space for them in your house and let somebody take responsibility regarding their care and  hygiene. If they are wandering around the house aimlessly you cannot expect your household in a clean condition.

Final Words:

With regular practice you will realise a great truth that household cleaning is not a difficult task nor it is a boring job. You will make it a part of your life and enjoy it in every breath.