To enjoy a good night sleep, it all begins by using clean sheets. Bachelors are the most affected when it comes to doing laundry and washing anything. They do not see the importance of washing their bed sheets at least on a weekly basis. Some will use them until the sheet colours have changed from white to brown, then and only then will they consider washing them. It is at this juncture that the bedbugs and all unfriendly insect will have raided your home, with the aim of making sure you do not get a good night sleep. Bed sheet cleaning is an important part of laundry and should be done as often as possible.

As a recommendation, sheets should be changed at least once a week or daily if the person in question is sick. The reason for this is that they contain too much that cannot be handled for more than one week. Bed sheets hold suck up your oils while you are sleeping. In case of those nightmares of your being chased by gangsters, then the sheets will still suck the sweat. Still, your skin exfoliates when you are sleeping and the dead skin remains within the sheets. All these and not forgetting your body fluids and juices will be embedded in the sheets.

The most you can go without cleaning your bed sheets should be two weeks at a maximum. It is important that you wash the pillow cases too as you do the washing, since your head is part and parcel of your body and will produce the started dirtying agents. Washing of sheets for the sick should be done daily, since the person spend most of his or her time in that bed. This increases the amount of bacteria that there might be.

Just like clothes, all sheets are made of certain fabrics that have specific ways of washing. For cotton and cotton blends like cotton/polyester, then washing should be done with warm water and a strong detergent. Cotton shrinks when washed with cold water, hence the usage of warm water. For those who use fabric softeners in every washing of bed sheets, you will have already realised that the bed sheet become more and more uncomfortable with time. This is because the softeners reduce the absorbent capability of the fabrics. You can replace the commercial fabric softeners with a vinegar solution.

Some bedding like blankets at the heavy duvets will need more time to dry, even when being dried by the dryer. If this is not done, your sheets will become messy, smelly and cold. Sheets take a few hours, and if you have just one pair then you can spread them back on the bed. Nonetheless, you will have to fold them and keep them. Ironing of bed sheets can be done after drying, but should allow the warm air to clear out before folding the sheets. If you fold them with the warm air, then the likeness of them growing mould is high.