Not in the Mouth!!  How to Clean Baby Toys (because they all go into baby’s mouth eventually)

Babies put everything in their mouths, then put in on the floor, give it to the dog or a friend, and then pop it back in their mouths again. It’s true, as new mothers’ sit with rounded eyes at play group trying to interest baby in a soother or some other distraction.  The only real defence we have is ensuring baby’s toys are super clean.  Cleaning baby toys must be done regularly, and depending on the toy can be pretty easy to work into every day activity.

Baby toy cleaning methods depend on what the toy is made of.  Most baby toys are intended to be cleaned, so we are in luck there.

There are many natural cleaning products available in grocery and health food stores, and these are a great choice to help reduce the toxins in your baby’s world.  Cleaning baby toys is also possible with easy to make and effective homemade cleaners. (See all purpose cleaner below)  Avoid disinfectant wipes unless totally necessary they have been shown to create immunities in germs and infectors, simple cleaners and soaps are best.


Possible the easiest method of baby toy cleaning, because all plus toys graded for under one year old babies can be put in the laundry!  Just do a load of baby toy cleaning using baby detergent.   Air drying may be required for some, but to avoid mold and mildew, placing stuffies on low heat or “fluff” in the dryer may be your best bet.

Bath Toys, Plastic Toys and Teething Rings

The second easiest baby toy cleaning process!  Most of the time you can just put these toys into the dishwasher and run a load, even without detergent.  When in doubt, use a natural dish soap, and wash them up as you would a load of dishes.  Easy as pie.  Make sure they dry well, bath toys tend to accumulate gunk when not drained well.

Board books and wooden toys

For Board books and wooden toys using a small amount of the all-purpose cleaner recipe below wiped on with a cotton ball or pad is the best bet.  These items tend to get chewed on a bit, so be sure to pay extra attention to the corners and mouth-sizes bit.  These items can also be cleaned with a damp cloth and warm soapy water, not too much though!  These items are porous and can absorb water thereby losing their shape.

Home Made All Purpose Cleaner

Combine all ingredients into a spray bottle using a funnel and shine away! The vinegar is an excellent way to cut through tough soiling and the alcohol disinfects and evaporates almost immediately, leaving a clean and dry surface.  Lavender oil should only be added in moderation, but is soothing and may have a calming effect for a fussing baby

  • 1 tablespoon – vinegar
  • 1 cup – rubbing alcohol
  • 1 cup – water
  • A drop or 2 of lavender oil