There are a lot of products that help keep the bathroom tiles clean. But we are often busy to do the chores ourselves and hire professional domestic cleaner. Here are some pointers on how to keep the bathroom tiles clean on your own.

Basic Techniques:

First of all, if you wish to keep your scrubbing activity to a minimum, it is important to run a wet mop over the tiles every day; try to use warm water for mopping. After dry mopping, dry it with another mop because a wet surface leads to more dirt sticking to it. Launder the bathroom rugs regularly. Put all the dirty clothing in a hamper instead of piling it in the corner. The sweat and dirt from these clothes may stick to the tiles and give you a hard time. There are small tips and tricks that help in reducing the amount of hard work you have to put in to clean your bathroom tiles. For example, in order to remove small sections of grout stains, you can try ‘erasing’ them with an eraser- a white one is best because deep blue or pink erasers may leave a mark.

Chemical Formulas

Borax is one of the most effective and affordable chemical that helps cleaning bathroom tile grout and you cannot find a cleaner who doesn’t use it. A solution of 1/3 cup of borax and a gallon of warm water with a dash of detergent is effective in removing stains from bathroom tiles. If you have a toddler or an elderly person using your bathroom, a lingering urine odour may be common. Borax not only disinfects the tiles but also removes the odour. If you find mold in between the tiles, make a solution of one part hydrogen peroxide (3%) and two parts water and spray on the mold. After an hour, rinse the area with water. A half and half solution of water and ammonia can remove mildew.

Natural Cleaners

Instead of using chemicals, you can even use natural, eco-friendly materials to clean your bathroom tiles. After rubbing a thick paste of baking soda on the tiles, pour a cup of white vinegar and water on them. This removes stains and cleans the tiles while removing bad odours as well. As quirky as it sounds, you can pour some soft drink over a stubborn stain and keep it for an hour before scrubbing it away. Corn starch has immense absorbing power which makes it an ideal for getting your bathroom tiles clean. However, keep in mind that some natural stone tiles, could not be cleaned just with anything, but you have always have to ensure you use a specially designed cleaning products for this purpose, otherwise you might damage the surface permanently.

If you are too busy with the kids or at work, and to avoid rising up the stress in your day to day live, is often much easier to simply find a cleaner or hire a professional domestic cleaner, who would do the work for you. This will also allow you to have some spare time for yourself only, and this is a treasure nowadays.