3 Ways to Remove Blood Stains

It happens with pet injuries, accidents and in the kitchen. Blood stains. The quicker they are addressed, the better. Sometimes it’s just a matter of getting the cold water on it right away. Sometimes we don’t notice them right away, which can make it more difficult to remove blood stains. Here are 3 ways to clean blood stains, based on the type of fabric you are working with.

Set up a clean work area at either the laundry room, bathroom or kitchen sink.

Removing Blood from Tough, Durable Natural Fabrics

Fabrics like denim, cotton, and some pure wool can take a good hand scrubbing without pilling or showing wear.

  • The first step is to rinse the area with cold water, hot water sets in colour… which we do not want, right? Also remove any flaky bits with a tooth brush or other soft brush or my rubbing the fabric onto itself. You will have to decide the best method based on the fabric.
  • Using dry laundry soap and a touch of cold water, make a paste and rub vigorously into the stain until it forms a think lather.
  • Again, rub stain against itself vigorously for several minutes.
  • Rinse and repeat until stain is gone.

Clean Blood off from Delicate Fabrics and Special Care Fabrics

Special fabrics such as satin, silk, rayon, lace and Lycra need a little extra care when removing blood stains. Always using cold water to be sure you do not set the blood stain. You can remove blood stains by gently use the above method with baby bar soap, special care liquid laundry detergent, baby detergent or gentle dish soap. Take care not to stimulate the fibres too much, this causes damage and can cause wool to shrink. Instead, use a gentle squeezing action on the fabric with the stained area in the palm of your hand.

Blood Stain Cleaning for Colour Fast Fabrics

Many synthetic fabric are colour fast, this means they are not likely to fade or change colour over time. The lemon method works well for these as the lemon will not alter the colour of the fabric while cleaning blood stains. This method is also low agitation and may be tried with some lingerie and delicate items as well.

  • On a sunny day, soak the fabric in cold water for a few minutes, then gently wring t out so that it is just damp
  • Using fresh lemons, squeeze out 2 cups of lemon juice (about 8 lemons, depending on size and season). Put into a ziplock baggie with a half cup of salt.
  • Add the fabric, seal and gently massage the fabric inside until the salt is dissolved. Check fabric intermittently to see if the blood stain has been removed
  • Hang the fabric in the sun to dry; the sun interacts with the lemon, for a lightening effect which can help to complete the process. It is not sunny; you can still give this method a try. After all the sun can’t shine every day!