A soft cushion of carpet on your floor feels cozy and comfortable, but they are also infamous for collecting dust, sand and grime. In addition, they are the worst when it comes to stains, spills or heat damage, since they tend to absorb the effects.

Not only are clean carpets more visually appealing, they are also last longer and healthier. Carpet cleaning has several traditional and modern techniques. A professional carpet cleaning service employs both depending on the texture of the carpet material.

We look at how carpets gather dust, and the best ways to clean them:

  1. Household Carpet Cleaning Methods:
    • Vacuum cleaning – Popular. Effective. Vacuum cleaning has come a long way from hefty arrangements of Eureka to modern Dirt Devil and Kenmore versions. Using pneumatic suction vacuum, the air pumps draw out loose (and often stubborn/ sticky dirt) from the carpet surface leaving it cleaner. All the dust gathered from dirty shoes, food particles or allergens are easily cleaned by this method.
    • Stain removal – If you have a carpeted floor, you’ve probably spilled coffee, cosmetic liquids, oil or acid. There are specific chemicals which can help you. Tea leaves are great for greasy/ oily stains while oxalic acid or lemon takes care of ink stains. Turpentine works on greasy stains. Ammonia and chloroform are recommended for acid. All these household remedies must be tried after a little spot test on fibres.
    • Shaking, beating or hanging the carpet (rugs only) – If your carpet is removable, chances are that the loose dirt could be best removed by traditional methods of shaking, beating out with a rod and hanging it so the big particles fall off.

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  1. Professional Carpet Cleaning Methods – professional carpet cleaning involves specialised machines and chemicals to extract hidden dirt, remove stubborn stains and restore the carpet without affecting the fabric quality. Regular household cleaning can’t pick out all the hidden dirt, as well as stains from artificial colour/ food colouring etc. A professional carpet cleaning service takes care of it while being minimally invasive to the material:
    • Dry Cleaning – Powder or semi-liquid is sprayed evenly all over the carpet and allowed to soak in as it attaches itself to dirt, grime and all loose particles. A counter-rotating vacuum cleaning attachment with soft felt brush then draws it all out. Biodegradable cleaning agent is looked upon favourably.
    • Encapsulating – Latest polymers dissolve and absorb dirt before crystallising itself to easily removable lumps. This method is decidedly more popular due to its ability to handle even the deep set dirt particles and allergen.
    • Steam Cleaning – One of the most popular professional carpet cleaning services, it allows a hot detergent mixture with water to be sprayed on the carpet. Almost immediately suction based vacuum takes out excess water and dislodged dirt particles. This method is often used by professional carpet cleaners who can afford expensive truck mounting equipments. Steam cleaning can damage traditional or old carpet materials like wool or jute, so we resort to shampooing or bonnet cleaning the floor.
    • Bonnet/ Wet Shampoo Cleaning – Stains, spills, mud and dirt beneath the shoes can over time accumulate on carpet surfaces, needing a long term cleaning. Both wet shampoos and bonnet mixtures (club soda plus cleaning liquid) follow the same pattern. They allow the dirt and grime to be attached to them before a rotating felt or vacuum pick it up. Bonnet spinning pads however, need to be carefully used or they would damage the fibres of the carpet. Anti-microbial agents are used to ensure it remains healthy.

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Professional carpet cleaner recommends pre-treating the carpet to let the chemicals act on hidden grime and dirt. The vacuuming method to clean carpet then easily picks up loosened up dirt. Excess water must be dried out from carpet floors to prevent mold and mildew. Sanitizing carpets regularly and maintaining their health as above gives us a clean, healthy and good-looking carpeted floor