A lot of household items are made using chrome or chromium which is a soft metal. It is a very durable and long lasting metal. However since it is a soft metal, you will hardly find any object fully made up of chrome. It is usually used as the lining or rims or very thin coatings for metal objects like fry pans, boiling pots, faucets, chrome wheels and so on. It is used for such items as it found to be stable under high heat. The plating which is done using chrome gives a bluish sheen to the metal objects. The problem with chrome is that it gets dirty and dull looking with use.

It is important to clean chrome surfaces regularly in order to maintain the shine. It is also important to know how to clean these surfaces properly. Accidental chrome removal is quite possible if it is not cleaned properly. In order to clean chrome surfaces safely you must follow certain methods of cleaning. These methods are as follow:

You must never let the chrome surfaces get dirty. Regular cleaning and washing is important in order to avoid damage or removal of chrome. Do not use greasy water for cleaning chrome pans as it will leave a film which gets cooked with use overtime and is extremely difficult to remove. You can use soap and water or regular dish detergents to clean the chrome surfaces using a soft cloth or rag. For tough stains you can use a soft bristled brush but be careful as chrome surfaces scratch really fast. If your soap and water do not clean it properly, you can use a little vinegar instead. Since it is acidic in nature, it easily works on tarnish and grease. You can also add a little baking soda to it, to make it more effective for tough stains and grease and clean it using a dampened rag or soft cloth.

If you find a rusted chrome surface, you can use crumpled aluminium foil, dip it in vinegar and scrub the surface. Make sure you scrub gently as scrubbing with pressure might result in removal of chrome. You can also use Coca Cola instead of vinegar for cleaning the surface but it can get a little sticky. After cleaning it with this method, make sure you clean it with fresh water. Another important aspect of cleaning chrome surfaces is to dry them up nicely. Chrome surfaces very easily develop water spots. Use a soft towel or a dry cloth and wipe it dry.

If you want your chrome surfaces to look good and shining, then you can use a good chrome wax over it. The first time you use the wax, it will fill all pores and the second coating will take care of the shine. You must buffer before giving another coat of wax. These methods of cleaning the chrome surfaces are safe and easy. You can easily use the above methods and try it at home for regular cleaning.