Eating fruits or drinking fruit juices on a daily basis is a very healthy habit. Fruits have high nutritional value which adds to your healthy lifestyle. However it is quite irritating when the fruit juice spills and spoils your clothes or fabric or stains your carpet. If have such fruit stains, you must act immediately as soon as it got stained. Always keep a rag or sponge in your kitchen so that it comes handy in such a situation. Just grab a terry towel or a rag and start blotting the stained area.

If you find fresh fruit stains or juice stains on your carpet, you must start by blotting the surface with a clean cloth or rag but avoid rubbing it. Rubbing will not help you instead it will set the fruit stains deep. Make your own cleaning solution: take a cup of warm water or a bucket of warm water and add a teaspoon of your liquid detergent and mix it well. Dip your rag or cloth in this solution and start cleaning the stains without rubbing it. You can put some vinegar on to the stain and start blotting it with the cloth. Vinegar will help you remove the fruit stains faster as it will act as a rinsing agent.

Keep blotting the surface with the soapy solution till the stain is out or cleaned. In this way you can clean fruit stains of your carpets or rugs. This method of fruit stains removal will work for most of the fruit stains, however there are certain fruit stains which are really tough and need some extra effort when it comes to cleaning them. For instance if you have your carpet spilled with red wine, what will you do? Well, do not panic as a very simple and easy way of removing the red wine stains is to put some white wine on the stains and start blotting the area. You can also put some salt on the stains and blot it. This will not let the stains to set it and so it can be easily cleaned using the water and detergent solution after.

If you come across a stain which has already set in and days have been passed. You can try to lessen it if not clean it completely. For set fruit stains, you can mix a little dishwasher detergent with hydrogen peroxide and use it on the stain. Pour it on the carpet where the stain is and start blotting. This will loosen the stains and will eventually clean it. Make sure you do not rub the carpet so hard as to damage it completely. Be gentle and avoid rubbing, always try blotting it with clean cloth in order to clean the fruit stains. You must keep a note of the carpet material or consider it before using any solution on it. Make sure you do not ruin it, if in doubt whether the material is tolerant or not, call in professionals for cleaning your carpets.