Granite is a dense, hard and brittle igneous rock which is formed from magnum. Granite is strong and stands up well against wear and tear making it a preferable choice for commercial walkways and lobbies. Granite is also ideal for counter kitchen tops and bar tops. They are resistant to most chemicals and detergents; all except things that permeate the stone thereby damaging it, such as oils. Although granites are the most preferred choice for their durability and beauty, they are not totally resistant to damage. Granite requires regular cleaning and the use of sealers to prevent them from staining.

Although granite floors and countertops are a popular choice in commercial workplaces and households, majority of people are unsure on how to maintain granite. Granite kitchen counter cleaning or granite floor cleaning is not a difficult task if done regularly with proper care. Some simple steps to clean your granite countertops and floors are as follows.

  • Use dishwashing liquid- Wet your sponge with a little of dishwashing liquid and wipe the stone surface thoroughly and then wipe the surface dry with a dry cloth.
  • Use natural stone or granite cleaner- There are specific products available in the grocery stores for granite kitchen counter cleaning. These products are known to restore the shine of the granite.
  • Clean up stains immediately- Granite is porous and instantly picks up stains. Attend to the stain immediately. Blot the stain rather than wiping or rubbing them. The longer a stain is left; the stain penetrates into the stone leaving a lifelong mark. You can also use products like hydrogen peroxide, and powdered talc to remove stains
  • Avoid wetness- Always ensure that your granite surface is dry. As granite is porous, the wetness can moisten the surface and cause stains or damage the stone.
  • Sealing- Sealing can be done to prevent staining in the longer run.
  • Avoid hot products- Granite kitchen counter tops are always exposed to hot dishes used in the kitchen. Avoid heat exposure to granite as heat damages the stone.

Apart from taking the usual regular care of your granite flooring or granite kitchen counter tops, for commercial places you can find a professional cleaner. Professional cleaning services are offered all over to ensure proper maintenance of your granite flooring or countertops. Regular personal cleaning and hiring a cleaner once in three months can help maintain the shine of your granite flooring.