Makeup stains are probably the most common stains people encounter every day, especially women. This is so because they use makeups more often. Depending on the fabric of your carpet, and the stain’s surface area made by the spill; makeup stains can be removed very easily. Nonetheless, some makeups have chemicals that do not respond to certain cleaning methods. This means that the procedure to cleaning makeup stains vary from one fabric to another. Even so, you do not have to worry since the good guys who made them knew this will happen.

Cleaning the stain as soon as possible is the best and most important part of stain removal. This is so because, if the stain is left unattended for long, it will embed itself into the carpet. This will make the process of removal difficult, more especially with certain fabrics like wool and cotton. Therefore, it is recommended that the process of stain removal begin as soon as possible. You can begin by removing the excess amount using any scooping tool you might be having at your disposal. After that, the process of makeup spot removal will start. Remember that, no matter what, the chemical you will use must not be harsh or have the capability of bleaching or colouring the carpet.

Begin by removing the excess of the makeup from your fabric. This eases the whole process by ensuring that you have less of the makeup to deal with. Then, apply a minimal amount of you washing chemical to a small region of the carpet. This is to make certain that the carpet material and the stain can tolerate the chemical. If the stain or carpet does not respond well to the cleaning chemical, then the process should be suspended. Still, if the process is successful with the trial portion, then you can proceed with the whole part.

Your carpet is an investment in itself; hence, any method to be employed must be premeditated first. For fabrics like wool and cotton, the cleaner should use a soft brush to clean because hard bristled brushes will ruin the fabric. In addition, the removal should be in such a manner that the strand and weaving of the carpet should remain intact. Removing makeup stains from carpets by pulling might pull the fabric off. Still a point to note is that, rubbing embeds the stain further.

Depending on the type of makeup stain that needs to be removed, some of your beauty products can also be used in removing the stain. Nail polish removal spray can easily remove nail polish stain, without the need of a strong shampoo or detergent. Spray the region with the hairspray and blot, to remove the stain. Then, mix 1part of Ammonia with 1.4 parts of Hydrogen Peroxide and saturate the region with it. Take a walk, and when you return, rinse off the area with water and the stain will be gone. Always remember that, fabric remains the priority object when choosing which method to employ to clean makeup stains.