Rain is a blessing, but only if you do not have white snickers. Your shoes look great when they are clean all the time, and will last longer too. Dirty shoes if not cleaned well will not last long, since the dirt itself deteriorates the fabrics. To begin with, when it rains keep off the muddy tracks and stick to the lanes that have the least mud. By doing so, the work of cleaning will be reduced. You could also take a cab home if the path heading there is longer and will be messy when the raindrops start falling.

There are ways of reducing the mud on your shoes once you get home. Cleaning of wet and muddy shoes is not recommended, because the cleaning process is harder and will require more time and energy. Mud removing racks can be installed at the gate, and you can remove the excess mud using them. These racks help to reduce the amount of mud on your shoes, but if you do not have such racks, just stump on the pavement or ground to remove the mud.

Cleaning muddy shoes begins by removing the excess mud from the shoes. It does not matter how you do it, but make sure the method you use does not affect the fabric and making of your snickers. Also, remove the laces as soon as you can. Carefully clean off the excess mud before proceeding with the process. You will realise that, brushing off the mud will be easier if the mud has already dried up. Wet mud will keep sticking onto the brush, and the more you try removing it the more you keep spreading it and making the shoe dirty. If you get to the point where some mud cannot be removed easily, just wet the mud with some water and then shake it off.

Once the mud has been removed, the actual washing can now begin. Mud does not necessary mean that you should wash the shoe from the interior to the exterior. In as much as it is recommended that you wash your shoes regularly, this could make the fabric weak hence wear out. Take a soft sponge and deep it into a solution of water and washing detergent. Use the sponge to clean the outside of your shoe, keeping a closer eye on the stained regions. Continue washing until you are satisfied then using clean water, wipe off the form and place your shoes out to dry. Remember, direct sunlight can change the colour of your shoe.

When washing your shoes, use products and chemical that will not bleach or weaken your shoes’ fabric. Some chemicals are harsh and will weaken your shoes after a few washes. Also, shoes are not to be dried in the dryer. Accelerated drying is not for clothes; otherwise, you will end up with weak shoes. Once your shoes have dried, weave in the shoelaces and wear your shoes to the mall for show. Shoe polish should be used every time, since the polish acts a protective layer against mud.