People who smoke cigarettes almost all the time or are chain smokers often find their fingers stained yellow. This happens due to constant use of cigarettes which has an oily liquid in it which is known as nicotine. It mixes easily with moisture of the hand and gets absorbed by the many layers of the skin. It leaves a yellow stain on the fingers.  There are many easy and useful methods which can be tried in order to clean the nicotine stains. There are many soaps of chemical nature under several brands available in the market which claims in removing these stains, however they are too harsh on the skin and tend to make the skin very dry and brown in color. Instead you can try out easy and simple method which is eco-friendly in nature and helps in cleaning the nicotine stains off the fingers.

For instance, you can use lemon; cut the lemon into two half, rub the lemon half onto your fingers for about 10 minutes so that the lemon juice gets soaked up by the fingers. The juice of lemon will act as a natural astringent which when absorbed by the fingers will help in cleansing the skin without making it dry. You can also rub potatoes on your fingers just like the way you do it with lemon. Cut the potato into two half and rub the juice on your fingers for about 15 minutes so that it gets absorbed by the skin and help in lightening the nicotine stains on your fingers. With regular cleaning it will help in removing the nicotine stains from the fingers.

You can also opt for the aspirin method. Take one aspirin and dissolve it in a hot cup of water and soak your fingers in this solution. This method too helps in cleaning the nicotine stains from the fingers. You can also use this solution for removing nicotine stains from the walls or your clothes. After initiating any of the cleaning methods you should rub your fingers with a pumice stone. It will help in removing the stains however it should not be noted that regular usage or undue usage of pumice might lead to damages of the skin or it can cause calluses on your fingers. As soon as the prominent spots are cleaned off your finger, you can carry on with the cleaning method without using the pumice stone.

You should apply moisturiser or Vitamin-E oil on your fingers or hands on a daily basis so that it acts as a preventive barrier which will not let the nicotine get absorbed by your skin. It will also help in making the skin on your hand soft and healthy.  We have all known that cigarette causes a lot of damage to the lungs and it is very unhealthy for our body. Giving up cigarettes will not only help you get rid of the yellow stains but will also help you in leading a healthy life.