Paint may be difficult to remove, especially when it gets on to tiles. If you are concerned about removing some accidental splashes from your ceramic tiles, after an untidy painting work, there is nothing to worry; here are some simple methods you can easily use.

Natural Cleaner

  • Mix equal parts of white vinegar and water. Boil the solution and remove from heat.
  • Apply the solution to a clean cloth and rub it smoothly over the painted tile. The hot vinegar will loosen the paint which will start to release from the tile.
  • Scrub the paint and remove it from the tile using a soft brush.
  • Repeat the process with other affected areas.
  • Keep the vinegar solution hot while applying, by putting it on the heat source.
  • Rinse the tile by mopping with warm water.

Mild Dish Detergent

  • Prepare a cleaning solution by mixing one tablespoon of a mild dish detergent in 1 quart of warm water.
  • Apply the mixture over the paint stains and keep it for 15 minutes.
  • Scrub the area with a smooth scrub brush.
  • Rinse the area with clean water.

Oxidised Bleach

  • Sprinkle one teaspoon of oxidised bleach over the paint stains. Spray warm water on the top of the powder to form a paste.
  • Keep it for 15 minutes.
  • Spray more warm water and scrub the area with a soft scrub brush.
  • Rinse the area and clean with warm water. Dry it using a towel.

Commercial Paint Removers

  • Mop the tile floor to make it clean. Let it dry.
  • Apply the commercial paint remover on a clean cloth and rub it on an inconspicuous spot on the tile for testing.
  • Follow the instruction of the manufacturer given on the product label. If there is no specific instructions, use damp cloth in warm water and scrub the spot where the cleaner is applied. Scrub the spot with a damp soft brush.
  • Check the applied area of the tile whether there is any damage to the tile glaze.
  • If there is no damage, follow the same procedure to the affected area to clean the paint.
  • Clean the tile with water and let it dry.


  • If you are trying to remove few spots of paint, which have accidentally fallen on the tiles while painting the wall, you can simply scrape it off. Use a putty knife or a sharp razor and scrape off the paint. Be careful and hold the blade at an angle to avoid accidental damage to the tile.
  • You can also use a scouring pad or steel wool, but should be more careful because the scouring pad can create some minute scratches to the tiles.

Additional Tips

  • Ensure from the product label that the commercial cleaner is safe for application in ceramic tiles.
  • Commercial paint removers may release toxic gases. Open doors and windows to ventilate the room while working with commercial products.
  • Vinegar solution is the best option, even though it is more time-consuming.
  • Commercial cleaner is good for hard glaze tiles and natural cleaner is good for soft glaze tiles.
  • The bleach used should be oxidized bleach. Ammonia based bleach or any other bleach are not recommended because they will damage the tiles.