Paints can get on window’s glass surface when you paint your walls or window frames, without covering your window. If you do not remove them immediately they will create stains on the glass. Cleaning these paint stains is not difficult; just follow the instructions given below.

Cleaning using Dish-Washing Liquid

  • Fill a bucket with water and add few drops of dish-washing liquid.
  • Using a soft cloth dipped in this solution, wipe the surface of your window glass. Apply sufficient quantity of the soap solution so that you can get a more slippery surface for the razor, reducing the possibility of any scratch on the glass.
  • Insert a new blade in your window scraper. Test the blade on an inconspicuous spot of the window to ensure its safety.
  • Scrape the paint with the scraper, keeping the scraper razor at an angle of less than 45 degrees from the frame of the window. Inclination of the blade ensures that you are closer to the horizontal direction than vertical, that means no more scratching or breaking of the window glass.
  • Always use short scrapes and avoid scraping back and forth. Move the razor in a forward direction over the paint, lift the razor from the glass surface, then come back to the original position and again scrape in the forward direction.
  • After the end of a stroke, clean the paint from the razor and start the next stroke.
  • While scraping, listen to the sound of your blade. If you hear some rough sound, stop the scraping immediately and check the quality of blade. If you find any nicks on it, replace it with a fresh one.
  • Apply more soapy water to the glass, if it becomes dry during scraping.
  • Continue scraping till all the paint is removed from the surface.
  • Apply the detergent solution again on the window and wipe away the soap and water using a squeegee.
  • Wipe the window with a clean cloth and let it dry.

Cleaning using Chemical Cleaners

  • If you are going to clean small drops of paints or if you want to remove paint from textured glass, chemicals are the best choice.
  • Rubbing alcohol is good for acrylic paints. Acetone based solvents like nail polish remover are suitable for enamel paints. In addition you can also try several commercial available cleaners for removing paint from glass.
  • Apply the rubbing alcohol or nail polish cleaner on the paint stain using a cotton ball and scrub the paint away using a scratch pad or cloth.
  • For other cleaners, follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • After the paint is removed, clean the surface using a glass cleaner.

Additional Tips

  • Cover your window sill using a plastic tarp before applying the detergent solution.
  • Do not scrape window glass that is coated or tinted.
  • Do not press hard while scraping with the razor, and avoid scratching the glass.
  • Do not apply more pressure to the centre of the window glass, because the centre portion is more likely to break or crack.
  • Applying hot vinegar on the paint stain, before scraping, will further soften the paint and will make the work easier.