The aroma of food coming from your kitchen will be quite welcomed by everybody in the house; however no one likes to get any other bad odour coming from the kitchen. Your garbage bins must be kept clean so that it does not emit any foul smell or smell which can turn off people. It is very important for every household to clean their rubbish bins daily without fail as kitchen is a place where your food gets cooked and it should be extremely clean and hygienic. You must clean pedal bins properly to get rid of the nasty smell which the garbage leaves on.

You must always buy a pedal bin as your garbage bin so that you never have to touch the lid to throw garbage in it. In this way you do not spread the germs or transfer it ads you are not in contact with it. If you chose any other type of bins like swinging lid or lift tops ones then you must always wipe it with anti-bacterial cleaner or disinfectant. You must empty your trash and replace the bin bag on a daily basis. Before putting back the bin bag you must sprinkle some baking soda into the bin so that it can absorb the nasty smell or odour and deodorise the bin.

Garbage cans or bins must be cleaned immediately if the garbage has spilled from the garbage bag. It should be cleaned regularly particularly the ones where diapers, liquid or pet waste are dumped. The nasty smell which they gather is unbearable and one must get rid of it. Pedal bins which are made up of stainless steel keep fresh for longer time than compared to the plastic ones.

Clean your pedal bins by emptying the entire garbage or debris into a garbage bag. Rinse it with a garden hose thoroughly and then take a gallon of warm water into a bucket. Add a few drops of dish washing liquid along with ½ cup bleach. Now mix the solution and with the help of a long handled mop or brush, clean the inside and outside of the bin using this mixture. Clean it thoroughly and then rinse it properly using the garden hose. Place a fresh garbage bag into the pedal bins and place it back to its position. Try not to put wet garbage in the kitchen pedal bins as wet garbage stinks if kept for some time. Wet garbage should always be dumped immediately without delay.

If by doing all this, your pedal bins still smell nasty. You can put some charcoal briquettes at the bottom of the bin and place the garbage bin on it. Use it like that and you will see that your garbage do not smell as bad as it used to because charcoal acts as an absorbent of the bad odour. Therefore household items which are non-toxic and eco-friendly can be easily used for removing the nasty smells from the pedal bins.