Silver is a metal which has varied use in a household. It is used in making beautiful ornaments and elegant utensils. It has a charm of its own unlike other metals. It’s a little fragile metal, tarnishes with use and easily gets scratches and stains. We always want our special silverware and beautiful silver trinkets and antiques to be the way they are, however with time and use it gets corroded and loses its shine, lacks luster and becomes dull. We do not clean it fearing it might get damage and often rush to the silversmith. However there are ways by which we can take care of our special silverware and jeweleries at home and prevent it from losing its sparkle.

Silver must always be washed after use. Any silverware which is used quite frequently should be washed immediately after use as a part of a daily care maintenance routine. When you find it a little dull or just about to get tarnished, simply wash it in warm water using a phosphate free detergent. Avoid using lemon based detergent as it tends to spot the silver. Also avoid using rubber gloves as it also helps in corroding silver. Cotton gloves can be used instead of rubber gloves. Do not wash it along with other utensils as it might get scratched or damaged when in contact. Use a soft cloth or a soft towel to wipe it dry after the wash. It is one of the best ways of cleaning silver.

Make sure you do not put the silverware for washing in the dishwasher. You must never do that as the dishwasher will damage the silver. The tough cleaning method of high temperature and detergents will tarnish the silver and damage it in one wash only. Silverware must always be washed by using your hands as you are the one who can do it gently and with care. No machines are capable of that gentle care. You can also use a polish to remove the tarnish which has developed when just washing it does not suffice. Many silver polishes are available in the market. Just get yourself one such polish and follow the instructions given on the label and transform your silverware into new ones.

Alternatively you can also use a gentle white toothpaste in order to polish the silver. Take a soft dampened cloth and out some tooth paste on it and start rubbing the silver where it is tarnished. You can also put the toothpaste on the silverware directly and using the dampened cloth, start polishing it with back and forth motion. After its polishing is done, you can rinse it thoroughly using warm water and wipe it dry with a soft cloth. You can also use baking soda and warm water for cleaning the silver but you might run the risk of damaging it as baking soda is a little harsh on silver. You can also dip the silver in 7-UP soda as the acid will remove the tarnish easily and make it shine again. Therefore a lot of eco-friendly methods can help you clean your silver.