A hot cup of tea is all you need at the start of the day and is most welcomed when offered. However tea stains on your favourite shirt or table cloth or your carpet is a most disliked thing. It is common thing if you have children around and it is a common problem found in most households. So, what to do if your favourite tablecloth is left with tea stains? You must not panic; instead act quickly on it before it becomes permanent. You must first wash the area where the tea spill took place.

You can sponge the area with cold water where the tea stains are. Check if it is removed; if not then soak it in cold water for overnight using your detergent. It will be cleaned off the stain the next morning. If you have a white fabric, you can also use bleach along with water and soak it for an hour. Then wash it as you normally wash your clothes or fabric. A must condition here is that the fabric must be tolerant of the bleach. For tough tea stains, you can use teaspoon of vinegar with a litre of water and spray it on the tea stains. Let it sit for 10 minutes and then rinse it off with water and detergent and air dry. This will surely remove the stains.

If you have your carpet stained with tea, act immediately. Try blotting as much as you can using a piece of clean cloth and remove the tea. Then use water and blot again. Use little water as you may spread the stain to a larger surface area with excess water. You can follow it up by using carpet stain remover and use it according to the instructions given. Another solution is to use a tablespoon of liquid hand washing detergent and warm water. You can add a tablespoon of vinegar as well and use the mixture to blot the tea stains with a clean cloth. Sponge the solution with cold water and leave it for drying or blot it.

For cleaning tea stains from furniture, you can mix a tablespoon of liquid hand washing detergent with cold water and sponge the area with this mixture. Use a clean cloth for wiping the area and then use cold water for removing the mixture once the stain is removed. Blot the area so that it is dried with no marks at all. If you have tea stains from the inside of your china tea cups or kettles, you can use baking soda on a dampened cloth or rag and scrub the inside with it. You will soon find a sparkling and clean teacups and kettles.

Make sure you read the instructions carefully before using any commercially available stain remover. Use of harsh chemicals and detergents in order to clean tea stains might damage the fabric or carpet. Therefore avoid using harsh detergents and chemicals on your fabric and upholstery. Instead to go green and use natural cleaners which are eco-friendly in nature.  Another good and safe solution would be to use the professional service of carpet or upholstery cleaner.