Non-stick pans are brilliant.  They really work, as long as you treat them as they require.  Tefal pan cleaning methods are important, but so are cooking methods.  Remember to follow the advice of the manufacturer and keep metal serving, cooking and stirring implements out of your Tefal pan.  Using only nylon, wooden or plastic tools is highly recommended to maintain the stick free quality and prevent peeling of the coating. And remember Tefal recommends only cooking on low to medium heat to protect its magical stick free finish and to prevent warping.

When properly cared for and Tefal cleaning is done properly, folks can expect their cookware to last a very long time, with age only improving its performance.  However, they won’t last long at all before they see the bin if treated carelessly, they cannot be recoated, so take care!

Clean Tefal Pan – on the inside

Tefal pans should not be put in the dishwasher, Tefal pan cleaning is best accomplished in warm soapy water.  The pan needs to be cleaned after each use, once the pan has cooled.

  • Wipe inner surface with a paper town to absorb the grease
  • Wash in warm soapy water with a soft cloth, NEVER use a scouring pad or abrasives to clean a Teflon pan inside
  • Dry with a soft tea towel

Clean Tefal Pan – on the outside

The outside of a Tefal pan is not stick free, so you may need a little elbow grease here.

  • Tefal suggests a plastic scouring pad and dish soap or special stainless steel cleaners.
  • Other people have had great results with Magic Erasers.

Either way, cleaning Tefal pans on the outside requires some scrubbing.

Happy cooking!