Oil stains on the garage floors is quite an eyesore and is quite common too. An oil spill which leaves a stain on your driveway or your garage often frustrates people as it looks quite messy. You must be thinking that it will be cleaned easily using the cleaning products available in the market. However it will be quite frustrating if the stains are already soaked up by the floor. Usually the garage floors are made up of concrete and concrete is quite porous. It will absorb the oil like a sponge and if it soaks up, it becomes really difficult removing it.

The best way of cleaning the oil stains on your garage floors is to act immediately. If it is a fresh stain or happened recently, you may use your laundry detergent in order to remove the stain. First, blot the surface and clean the excess oil. Then make a solution of warm water and your laundry detergent and use it for cleaning the oil stain. Pour some on the oil stains and sprinkle some more detergent on the stains directly and using a nylon brush start scrubbing the surface. Avoid wire brushes as it can damage the concrete surface and make it black.

You must let the solution to sit for a while so that the concrete can soak up some of the solution. In this way it becomes easier to clean the oil stains on your garage floors. Once it is done, you can use your garden hose and clean the floor. The emulsified oil will be lifted off the floors with the help of water pressure from the garden hose. In this way you will be able to clean the oil stains easily. This is a good method which works on most of the stains.

For some stains which are tough and if this method will not help clean it, then it is better to get the commercially available concrete degreaser and kitty litter. It will help in breaking down the oil and removing it from the floor. You can apply some concrete degreaser after wetting the surface area and start scrubbing it. Once scrubbing is done, let it sit for 15 minutes but do not let it dry. Now put some kitty litter on the floor and with the help of your shoes start grinding it with the soles. The natural poultice will help the draw the solution out of the concrete and will absorb it. Sweep up the litter once it becomes dark the next day and you will find no stains at all. Thus you can now easily clean oil stains on your garage floors using these simple and easy methods.

As a precautionary measure, you can place big piece of cardboard sheets on your garage floor under cars which leaks oil. By doing so you can save yourself from cleaning the oil stains which is quite a headache and this also keeps your driveway or garage floor free from oil stains.