Knowing how to clean your window is very important. At home or at work you might not always be able to hire professional window cleaner. Though at times it is best to hire the window cleaning service of an expert, you can also take care of small window cleaning chores all by yourself when required. When it comes to windows, cleaning them often is quite necessary. Since the windows protect your home from the pollution outside you need to keep them clean.

Generally windows’ cleaning is required once a week. Depending upon your location you may need to clean your windows more frequently or less frequently. But it is impossible to avoid windows cleaning altogether.

When cleaning your window how you clean it is very important. If you have previously hired any window cleaning service then you might have noticed the number of tools and liquids that they carry to do the job.  If you want to do the job yourself then you might not be able to get the perfection that the professionals offer. At the same time you can do a good job if you know what to use.

If your window is a little dirty then there is no need to hire professional window cleaner, you can use an old newspaper or cleaning cloth and wipe the window clean. But if the dirt is not so easily removed then you might need some sort of detergent based liquid to help you clean. These days there are many window cleaning liquids that can be bought at stores. You can find out the kind of liquid that the professionals use and try to search for it in the shop,  though that might be a difficult task. But no matter what widow cleaning liquid you use, it is sure to have some effect on the window. You can then use a rag or scraper to clean the filth. Always have a bucket of water ready for you to dip the dirty rag or scraper in before removing more filth from a window.

You wish to go more environmentally friendly- here is a quick instruction – delude some washing up liquid in a bucket half full with warm clean water, so you have a little foam. Use a cleaning sponge to scrub very well the dirt. Wash off the soapy water with clean warm water. To finish up, have prepared spray bottle with mixture of clean water  and some apple/white vinegar – spray on the clean windows and polish with piece of old newspaper or a very clean old rag or cleaning cloth for windows. Job done- your windows will shine again.

The owners of commercial working spaces should not attempt to clean their windows if their workplaces are on a high rise. To clean the outside of windows it is best to hire professional window cleaner.

If you do choose to not hire any window cleaning service then you need to clean the window safely. Do not apply too much pressure since the glass might shatter. Always wear gloves and a cover your mouth and nose, you do not want to inhale the filth. Above all, if you are located in a high rise do not try to step out of the window in an attempt to clean it.