Vinyl is a basically a plastic material. It is very popular in today’s time and is widely used in a variety of products. It is popular because it is quite long lasting and durable and requires very little care and maintenance. You will find vinyl flooring, vinyl records, vinyl fabric used for furniture, car, clothes and boat seats etc. It lasts for several years as it is resistant to water, soil and dirt. However it does not mean you do not have to take care of it. Without care and maintenance it will not last that long as when compared with care. Vinyl flooring is very popular as it is very comfortable and warmer in comparison to wooden, marble, tiles and other types of flooring.

You can clean the vinyl floors by using a vacuum cleaner or simply sweeping off the dirt and debris. You can mop it using a mixture of vinegar and hot water. This mixture should be in a proportion of 1:1 or 50/50. You can also use ammonia instead of vinegar. Avoid using harsh chemicals and detergents on the vinyl flooring to clean it as it can damage it and make it lose its shine. Detergents leaves behind a residue which can help slowly damage the flooring therefore avoid it completely. If it is completely soiled, use ivory dish soap with warm water as it is a very gentle soap and cleans without leaving a residue unlike other soaps available in the market.

You can use paint thinner in order to remove rub marks and stains on vinyl flooring. Simply rub the marks using a soft dampened cloth. If the stain is persistent, you can try bleach and hot water solution which is in a proportion of 1:3 and soak a white rag in it. Then you can lay it on the stain for about an hour and wipe the area with hot water. It will lighten the stain if not completely remove it. You can repeat the process for two or three days and completely clean the floor.

Other than vinyl floor, vinyl records can also be cleaned regularly to keep it sounding great. It can be cleaned with carbon fibre brush regularly before playing it and after playing it. This will help in maintaining it for years. You can also use record cleaning kits which are easily available in the market and maintain your vinyl records. Vinyl fabrics are widely used in upholstery of cars and furniture. You can vacuum clean the sofa or furniture and remove the dirt or dust. A simple cleaning method using a mild dish detergent and water will also help in cleaning and removing the dirt and dust which gets accumulated on the furniture fabrics. With regular cleaning, one can easily maintain it for years. Cleaners or solvents which are harsh or very strong in nature should be avoided as they will damage the vinyl surface. You can opt for eco-friendly and natural solvents and cleaners for cleaning vinyl.