If you have a wooden table or wood surface and you find white rings or spots, you should clean it immediately. These are water rings or stains caused by water minerals and when water falls on the surface of the wood, it evaporates leaving behind the mineral which causes such white rings and spots. Usually it happens when a wooden surface is not polished or varnished or wax has not been used on it. It is more susceptible to such water rings. You can clean water rings left on wood yourself or if you have an expensive wooden table or an antique then it is preferable to call in the professional cleaners.

If you are planning to clean the water rings yourself, you can use a regular toothpaste, avoid the gel based tooth pastes and dab some on a dampen piece of cloth or rag. Now wipe off the water stains using this and re-polish the surface. You can also apply lemon juice or if you want you can use vinegar instead along with salt and make a paste. Use a soft bristle tooth brush and apply this paste in a circular motion over the water ring. Then use a wet cloth to clean it up, you will see the marks that the marks have gone away. Now you must polish the surface in order to gain back the luster of the wooden surface.

Another method which is quite effective on such water rings is the use of dry iron. You must place a microfibre cloth or a lint free rag on the stain. Then using a dry iron set to medium heat, heat or iron the cloth. After a few seconds, pick up the cloth and check if the stain is gone, repeat the process if needed till the marks have left. Once the water rings have been removed, re-polish or apply wax to the surface. If you have very stubborn water stains or rings and which do not leave the surface of the wood using any of the above method, then you can try the steel wool. You can sand the surface of the wood which has water marks with this super fine steel wool and clean it. Be gentle so that you do not damage the surface as it is an abrasive action which will remove the polish or varnish of the wood along with the water stain.

If you want to prevent such water stains or rings from taking place, you should start using coasters. You can place your glasses or bottles on the coasters so that water droplets from them do not stain your wooden surface. Keep a rag or cloth ready so that whenever you keep glasses or bottles, you wipe and keep them. You can also clean up spills immediately if you have a cloth at hand. These tips will help you clean water rings left on wood. These environment friendly methods will help you clean up easily your wooden surfaces.