n most states and cities of the world, every household must have means of gathering their refuse into a central point. Wheelie bins are the most common means available, and their cleanliness is essential in ensuring you have a good and long relationship with your council’s department of garbage collection. Wheelie bins are available in various sizes, depending on the amount of refuse they are intended to carry. Even so, these bins are bound to get really dirty and smelly. They call for proper cleaning and maintenance, to ensure that your compound is not all smelly when the visitors visit.

To begin with, there are areas that have been found to be proper in putting your wheelie bin. The best place is in an open area, where wind is freely flowing and but away from the sun. Wind takes off the smell, but the sun warms the contents increasing their rate of rotting. If you keep it in a closed region too, the chance of molds and rodents being your neighbours are high. A dump place is a good place for rodents, and might cause a health hazard if not resolved fast enough.

Waste wrapping and disposal will also determine how your wheelie bin will look like when the council comes to collect garbage. For perishables like food materials and meat, it is a good practice to double-wrap them. This will decrease the foul coming out of the wrapping, at the same time reducing the leakage and seepage of content into and out of the wrapper. For non-perishables, one wrapper works just fine and will keep you wheelie bin clean. If your bin is full, then the type of refuse that you can keep on the outside at the side of your bin are the non-perishable ones. Keep the rest inside the bin, and make sure the lid is closed too.

Wheelie bin cleaning should be done on a regular interval. If the contents of your last refuse are left in the bin, they will affect the fresh refuse making them deteriorate faster. There are numerous detergents and cleaning products out in the market that will help with the cleaning process, most of them have disinfectant activities. Such products will keep off agents of disease like flies, which are frequent visitors to your bin. Look for a product that retains its scent to keep the flies away.

Better still, professionals can do wheelie bin cleaning, if you cannot do it on your own. Some of the refuse collectors offer cleaning of wheelie bins as an added service. If you want to clean it yourself, then start by removing extra contents in the bin and packing them into a wrapper. If the dirt is dried, mix enough hot water and detergent, best Bleach, in a basin then transfer it into the bin. Allow the solution to stand in the bin for about one hour, and then continue with the process. Clean wheelie bins are a necessity in ensuring that your compound does not stink and your family is healthy