A baby’s room or nursery is a little haven for your newborn. Keeping the nursery clean is so important, as little one’s grow they touch everything… and everything goes directly to their mouths. There are also a few sources for less than wonderful odors in the nursery that must be managed. Baby room cleaning is a priority we want to achieve without harsh chemicals whenever possible, because that too is a part of keeping baby well.

How to accomplish that?

  1. Reduce clutter

Oh babies come with so much stuff, but the clutter makes it hard to clean. Be sure to have sufficient storage and say goodbye to items not needed or wanted or baby safe. When you can see all the surfaces, you can clean them much more effectively and takes a lot less time.

  1. Know your “Cootie Zones”

Diaper Changing areas, laundry hampers and feeding locations are obvious locations where germs can really take hold. This provides opportunity for unwanted odours, and can spread illness and infection. Clean these areas often, daily at least. Other culprits to consider at the doorknobs, crib rails and frequently used cupboard or drawer handles. Try the recipes below for some effective and safe cleaning alternatives to commercial chemical cleaners.

  1. Make a Baby Room Cleaning Zone

Up high on a closet shelf, or in a baby-proofed cupboard or drawer, keep a stash of the most used cleaning supplies you need. If you keep your diapering supplies in the same place, you can grab everything you need to perform the change and clean the change table too! Parenting is tough enough without having to look for things or trudge all over the house for supplies. Keeping a roll of paper towels and a natural all-purpose spray cleaner in all the most frequented and germs rooms’ just makes sense. Why not put a supply in the bathrooms and kitchen too?

Keeping a small vacuum on hand in the closet mean anytime at all it will be simple to make sure baby has a clean space to explore on the floor.

  1. Put a lid on it

Not enough can be said for the value of a well-sealed garbage and baby laundry bin.  Sometimes those beauties make unbelievably smelly realities. If you are using cloth diapers, be sure to have a clip-locked and well-sealed container to store them in; and why not buy two, one for soiled laundry too?  If you are using paper diapers, these are also a really good idea, unless you are able to get them out to outdoor garbage right away.

Keeping these bins clean is an important part of hygiene and odour control. Sprinkling baby powder inside the bins after washing and drying will go a long way to a clean baby nursery smell.

Home Made All Purpose Cleaner

Combine all ingredients into a spray bottle using a funnel and shine away! The vinegar is an excellent way to cut through tough soiling and the alcohol disinfects and evaporates almost immediately, leaving a clean and dry surface. Lavender oil should only be added in moderation, but is soothing and may have a calming effect for a fussing baby

  • 1 tablespoon – vinegar
  • 1 cup – rubbing alcohol
  • 1 cup – water
  • A drop or 2 of lavender oil

Okay, the nursery cleaning is accomplished, time for a nice cup of tea and tummy time!