For many people across the world, after a long day at work, the only thing on their minds once they get home is to open the fridge. The sight and scent of your fridge will welcome you and make you feel at home. However, sometimes this is not what they encounter, and instead a foul smell is what comes out of the fridge once they open it. It is a common welcoming scent to most people, especially those who do not know how to clean their fridges. Fridge cleaning is something that most people forget or neglect, up until they get the memo from the fridge itself.

Bad odour from your fridge does not necessarily mean that there is something rotten inside. Every item put in the fridge has its own smell or scent, and the bad odour is attributed to the mixing of the various odours producing an unpleasant one. The simplest way to kill the odour is by placing a cotton wool soaked in vanilla inside the fridge. The cotton wool and vanilla will absorb the odour, leaving the inside of your fridge smelling nice. This works no matter the size of your fridge, and could be the only solution you needed.

Still, there are many crafty ways of clearing your fridge out of the bad odour using naturally available items. Take lemon juice for example; soaked into a cotton wool and placed in the fridge will also kill the smell. This works like the vanilla method, and will leave your fridge with a somewhat lemonade scent. Baking powder has also been employed in such scenarios, although in required removal of everything inside the fridge and then sprinkling and scrubbing it onto the shelves and walls.

Cleaning your fridge should be part of your weekly routines. A clean fridge rarely gives a bad odour. Cleaning should be done comprehensively to ensure that the fridge does not become a harbour of microbial agents. There are disinfectants that can be employed in cleaning your fridge, which are safe in terms of human food contaminations. When cleaning, you should remove all shelves and other removable items from the fridge before proceeding. The cleaning process is eased with removal of everything. Once you finish, dry the inside before returning any items. Food stains and other stains will need special cleaning.

If cleaning your fridge is such a hard task, then you can hire a fridge cleaner to do the job for you. There are professional cleaners who have mastered the art of cleaning and will remove any stain from your fridge in a matter of seconds. In as much as you want your fridge all clean and smelling nice, the basis of that depends on the user. Keeping rotten things in your fridge and expecting the vanilla cotton ball to work magic is not going to kill the odour. All items that have gone bad should be removed from the fridge as soon as possible.