Marble is a metamorphic rock and is generally formed when limestone is exposed to pressure and heat. It is composed of crystallised carbonate minerals, most commonly dolomite and calcite. It is a dense rock with attractive colours and patterns which make it look like different designs. Although it is softer than porcelain and granite, it is quite durable to wear and tear.

Marbles are used for counter tops, flooring and shower stalls. Marble tiles are an amazing choice for your home. Marble tiles are easy to clean and maintain, not to mention, they are extremely durable. Clean marble tiles give your home a sleek, sophisticated and shiny appearance if kept well maintained. If not well maintained, marble tiles get easily prone to dirt, stains, scratches, and abrasions. Light coloured marbles can also be prone to discolouration. Sometimes marbles get discoloured due to exposure to some chemical agents in the daily detergents we use to clean. However, if well maintained, marble tiles can give your home and elegant and sophisticated look. Marble tiles’ cleaning is not a difficult task if done regularly. There are several ways to maintain and have clean marble tiles.

  • Use a dry towel to wipe the marble anytime it gets wet- As marbles are used in showers and bathrooms, marbles often get exposed to water. As soon as the shower is over, use a dry towel to wipe the marble floor clean and ensure its dry all the time.
  • Sweep or Vacuum regularly- Keep sweeping the floor or use a vacuum cleaner to ensure that no dirt or sand will scratch the surface of the marbles.
  • Using a neutral pH cleaner- Once a week, use a neutral pH cleaner for cleaning the marble tiles and giving them a shining look
  • Clean up spills immediately- Marbles are prone to stains, and once it is stained it is very difficult to remove them. Hence, clean up spills immediately with a dry towel.
  • Prevent etching- Etching refers to the corrosion of marble tiles and dulling the overall appearance of it. Take good care of your tiles daily to prevent etching.
  • Sealing- Sealing marble tiles are the best way to get clean marble tiles. Sealing prevents the marbles from staining and give it a better appearance.
  • Take extra care in the shower bathroom – Often we leave wet glasses, soaps, toothpaste and shampoos on the marble surfaces of our bathrooms. Take extra care not to leave them for too long to avoid stains.

Marble tiles’ cleaning can be done easily by anyone at home. It would not hurt to hire a professional cleaner to get thorough professional work done on your marble tiles, every once in a while. To hire professional cleaners is not a tedious task. There are several cleaning agencies that send professional cleaners to help clean your tiles. Give your marble tiles a sparkling shine!