What are the different types of mattresses?

Mattresses are very important for a good night’s sleep. A good quality mattress is essential for allowing the body to have a comfortable sleep and be ready for the next day’s battle. It is equally important to make sure that the mattress is clean.

There are several types of mattresses. The first and the most common type is the spring mattress. These are again of two kinds. The coiled or continuous spring mattresses have rows of springs that are linked with a spiral wire that help to distribute the body weight. The newer Pocket Spring mattresses have smaller springs that are wrapped in fabric pockets. These work independently to adjust to the contours and movements of the body.

The Air mattresses contain pockets of air instead of springs. They are firm and comfortable. The foam mattresses, including Latex, Gel, Visco and Poly, are better at taking the shape of the body, especially the Latex mattresses. Apart from Latex which is made from rubber tree, the other three are oil based foams. The Memory Foam mattresses are designed to respond to body heat.

How can mattresses be efficiently cleaned?

To keep the mattress clean is an important part of ensuring that the night’s sleep after a hard day is not spoiled by bugs or grime. It is possible to clean the mattress at home, or hire a mattress cleaning service provider to do the same. While hiring cleaning service is easier, it can prove to be more expensive. It is recommended that cleaning service providers are hired about once a year, but in the meanwhile it is possible to clean the mattress at home. In fact, it is highly recommended that mattresses are cleaned regularly.

How to clean mattress at home?

Cleaning the mattress at home is not too tough. Most people have vacuum cleaners at home. This is an extremely handy tool. Mattress cleaning not only helps to pick of dust from the top but also cleans the hidden pockets or corners where dirt accumulates. Besides, if the mattress gets wet somehow, vacuum cleaners can be used to dry the mattress since the dampness tends to remain in the depths of the mattress for a long time even if the surface air-dries. Mould and Mildew removal also takes place with the help of vacuum cleaners. Upholstery cleaners can also be used for cleaning mattresses. They help to eliminate dust mites along with their refuse. Enzyme cleaners and citrus cleaners can be used for different stains, while blood stains can be removed with hydrogen peroxide, detergent, baking soda solution etc. Isopropyl alcohol with warm water is used for removing mould. It is a good idea to leave the mattress in the sun to remove mites, mould, odour etc.

Why should professional cleaners be hired for cleaning mattresses?

It is recommended that professional cleaners are hired to clean the mattresses, at least once every year. Professional cleaners have the capability to identify the problem, if any, and handle it with apt and precise cleaning methods. They can do a thorough job and keep in mind the delicateness of the mattress. Depending on the type of the mattress, a professional mattress cleaner can apply appropriate cleaning methods and help the mattress to last long.