We often find our bathroom mirror stained with water droplets, finger prints and toothpaste splatters. Even after cleaning it up, there are stains which do not go or become quite messy at times.  Many people wonder as to what is the best way to clean the mirror? Well, there are many ways and means by which you can get that perfect gleaming mirror on your wall or bathroom. For this, you need to take up regular cleaning of your mirror and daily maintenance will give you that perfect spotless reflection which you asked for.

You can use a lint free cloth or a microfibre cloth, dab some rubbing alcohol on it and start cleaning your mirror with this combination. You will soon find your mirror clean and spotless. The rubbing alcohol acts as a disinfectant and since it evaporates when it dries, it will not leave any stain or mark on the mirror. If you do not like alcohol or is out of it, you can use your mouthwash the same way as you will use alcohol. Use it to buff the mirror and you will see a spotless mirror in no time. If you do not like the smell of alcohol or mouthwash, you can use tea. You just need to brew some tea and leave it for cooling. Then use a lint free cloth and dab some tea on it and buff the mirror with this. You will find the same result as you would with the above substances. If you do not want to use any of these substances, you can also use your gel based hand sanitisers and shine your mirror.

If you find water spots and your mirror and you have not been able to clean this up, you can use baking soda from your kitchen and put some on a dry cleaning cloth and start cleaning the water spots with this. Your mirror will be spotless within seconds. These ingredients are easily available in a household and can be safely used for cleaning your mirror best. They are cheap and environment friendly products which will make your mirror shine in seconds.

Fogging is another problem which many people face in bathroom mirror. It gets fogged up due to steam as a result of use of the bathroom shower. You can use your hair dryer, simply aim at the mirror and the dry heat of the air dryer will soon defog it. If you do not want the haze to come back, use a microfibre cloth, add some shaving cream or dishwasher and rub all over the surface of the mirror. You will not see fog on your mirror surface for about a week or two. These simple and homemade products will help you clean your mirror in the best possible ways in no time. They may be old fashioned way but it is better than using the chemical cleaners and products which have harsh chemicals in it. Use eco-friendly products to clean your mirror.