Cleanliness is second to godliness, so they said. The owner of a clean and well maintained house will gladly welcome anybody “home.” On the other hand, the one who has a dirty and unmaintained house will look for excuses not to welcome anybody. Cleaning a home should be part and parcel of regular home routines, and even the children should be involved. Cleaning can be fun and a way of bringing your family together. While cleaning should be done as regularly as possible, it will be more fun if there was a specific day that everyone was expected to be home for cleaning, fun and food.

House cleaning should begin with moving the unnecessary items into areas that they cannot hamper the cleaning process. Books, magazine, journal and movie, should be returned to their shelves to create the much needed space for cleaning. If there are movable plastic chairs, then they should be put together and set aside. Creating enough space for manoeuvring will make the process a lot easier. Since cleaning is meant to be proper cleaning, removing the curtains and other things from the windows will make windowpane cleansing easier. There are sections of the house that will need to be sealed off to avoid hazards. Such include electricity sockets and naked wires. Ensure the fridge and other appliances are turned off before cleaning them.

The process of house cleaning depends on what house you have. While some will prefer to begin by dusting the drawers and tables before cleaning the floor and carpet, others choose the reverse. If you know that your carpet is dusty and might affect the tables and drawers, then begin by cleaning it. Still, the best practice is dusting everything and using a vacuum cleaner to suck the dust from the carpet.

Knowing your home well will help you to cleanse it in a proper manner. Kitchens are the hearts of your homestead, and must be cleansed to sparkle more than any other room. When holding events, people can flock into your kitchen to see what is cooking. If your living room is sparkling, but your kitchen is not then naturally you will feel embarrassed. Kitchen cleansing involves removal of all foodstuff that are about to go bad and discard them, remaining with only viable ones. This gives you more room, and visibility to work with in the kitchen.

A mistake made in scheduling home cleaning sessions is waiting for the right moment. This is a huge mistake by homeowners since the piled work will be too much and will leave you exhausted. The best practice is cleaning every day. It will take no more than thirty minutes to dust off your appliances and set everything in order. If you wait for Saturday or Sunday, then you will dread that day every single time. Cleaning is a good workout by the way, but if you cannot see yourself cleaning your home every day; you can seek help from anywhere including professional cleaners.