Limescale is normally found in areas where hot water has been used such as a kettle where the hot water has evaporated and solidified. If you have never seen Limescale before or have not noticed it then have a look at the bottom of your kettle, unless you have been using products to get rid of your limescale, then you will see a tough milky looking substances.

Trying to clean a kettle without any products can be a huge struggle, especially when you have stubborn limescale refusing to move. There are a lot of commercial products on the market that can help you to remove Limescale, but all these products can be expensive, when that money could stay in your pocket if you followed the instructions from our Cleaner Team.

Instead of wasting money on cleaning products, you can actually just use products that are already in your home which includes Vinegar, Coca Cola, Lemon and Baking Soda.

Follow Cleaner Team’s simple instructions below and you could descale your kettle and get rid of the limescale without spending money at the supermarket on commercial products:

1.      How to Use Vinegar for Removing Limecale from a Kettle?

  • Fill the kettle with an equal part solution of water and household vinegar and let this soak for an hour.
  • Once the hour is up, just boil the kettle.
  • The final step is to empty the kettle and rinse it very well. You have to do this at least five times, to ensure the vinegar mixture is completely gone.

2.      Remove the Limescale of Kettle by Using Lemon:

  • First fill the kettle with half tea cup of lemon juice and about two cups of water.
  • Boil the mixture immediately.
  • Leave to cool and rinse thoroughly.
  • If there is still some limescale at the bottom, gently wipe it with a damp clean cloth powdered in baking soda, then rinse again until completely clean.

3.      Remove Kettle’s Limescale Using Coca Cola:

  • Fill the water almost full with coca cola and boil it;
  • Leave to cool for 30 minutes and rinse a few times thoroughly after. You will be fascinated to find out how this works so efficient.

Once you have gotten rid of the limescale from your kettle, make sure that you clean the outside of the kettle and give it a wipe down.

Remember, no need to use commercial cleaning products thanks to these tips from our Cleaner Team.