We often get asked how to get rid of the smell of paint. This is an annoying problem that affects many of us every time we update our home. These odours can present real problems to some people, especialy those who have bronchial conditions. Fortunately there are some easily accessible remedies to hand.

Our suggestions as to how to get rid of the smell of paint:

One of the easiest ways is to cut an onion into quaters, place them on a saucer and put in each corner of the freshly painted room. Although onions have their own odour they are excellent at absorbing other odours.

Crushed charcoal, placed in a bowl and left overnight will also significantly reduce the smell of paint, as it to is an excellent odour neutraliser.

Other simple and effective ways to eliminate paint odours are by the use of either coffee grounds or white vinnegar. Both of these can be placed in a bowl and left overnight. They will both help to remove these odours.

If there are carpets in the room that has been painted, you can sprinkle baking soda on them, leave overnight, and then vacuum the next day. The odour neutralising properties of baking soda are well known.

Lastly we advocate using a candle – scented or otherwise – to remove paint odours. The simple process of burning a candle removes many of the particules that cause the smell, helping to leave the room clean and odour free.

How to get rid of the smell of paint is now something that should present no problems to any of you. You do not need any specialist chemicals; only things that most homes will have. All of our suggestions we have made are chemical free so will present no problems to any children and pets.