Ironing duties made easy! – Don’t tumble dry!

Ironing clothes is another task that many people dislike, but then again, who want to be seen walking around with a wrinkled shirt. Ironing techniques depend on the type of fabric that is being ironed. Some will require more heat, while other will require low to moderate heat. More than enough heat will make your clothing useless since the polygonal map that the iron box will make gives the cloth an ugly look. Ironing begins by knowing the various iron symbols on your cloth. Most people – more that 90% – do not read the ironing symbols on their clothes before beginning to iron. Most people just estimate the required amount of heat and get on with the ironing of clothes.

When outfits are washed, depending on how you dry them then the process of ironing is either easy or hard. For those who hand their clothes outside to dry, ironing is easier because the clothing remain in the original shape. On the other hand, some drying machines will add more wrinkles to your clothes making it a must for you to iron them. Tumble-drying can also affect the material used to make the clothes. If you must use the tumble dryer, then dry clothes of the same nature every time.

Clothes ironing are made easier by using an ironing board or platform. Most of them have a layer of aluminium to make the distribution of heat even and faster. Aluminium foils act like iron machines, in that they reflect the heat back and iron the under part of the garment. They also make the underside of the garment smooth, so whether you are ironing from the inside or outside the process is still the same. If you will be using water, then use boiled water. Boiled water has fewer metals and metallic element that change colour when heat has been applied on them. Boiled water guarantees clean ironing and lime scale free iron after.

When ironing black or dark garments, always iron them from the inside. You must be wondering and asking why. Ironing from the inside reduces the heat applied directly onto the outside. Too much heat on your clothes might decolourize it. The technique is the reason why people hang their clothes from the inside when drying outside. As for white and light clothes, you can proceed ironing from the outside. Outfits dried by tumble-drying wear out faster if they also need regular ironing.

For you to understand the temperature and heats need to get the best out of your ironing experience, start by understanding the ironing symbols at the back of your clothes. The symbols will give the amounts of heat needed. Remember that, too much heat might roast your clothes while low heats make ironing harder and longer. Once you are done with your ironing, always hang the outfits to a hanger to ensure that the wrinkles do not appear. Preparing for your next ironing ends with the current one, and it ends with you cleaning the iron machine and keeping it safe. If all this cannot be accomplish by yourself, then you can hire an ironer or cleaner to do the job for you.